[the beginning of our eternity]

And it all begins!

It's about time i get this thing up and going! Kaulana and i are excited to start blogging up a storm and getting to see our family and friends lives transform! We have had a busy summer and yet a busier start of the school year! We are enjoying seeing all the crazy surprises arise! Kaulana and i are currently both taking 15 credit hours. Kaulana is working at Derosa Physical Therapy and cleaning the Summit Health and Fitness Center. I am working in the Sensory and Communications at Sinagua High School and loving every crazy minute of every minute of every crazy day! We have been up to our ears in homework and only getting to see eachother on the weekends! Between my night classes on tuesday thursday and his on monday wednesday we are thrilled for the weekends! So much so, that we have been out of town for the past three weekends straight! We just can't get enough of driving in a car together! But we have really loved seeing so much family and friends and hope to live near more family soon!