[the beginning of our eternity]

This Weeks Craving

I seriously cannot get enough HONEY! I have not had any major cravings my entire pregnancy. Nothing I really leaned towards. In general I like sugar. I do. Anyone who knows me well, knows I come with a bag of snacks. Well with my new discovery of my celiacs disease, I have had to limit that sugar intake, because my body just can't seem to digest it very well (sugar is very hard to digest, must not be very good for you, shocker right? I should get the biggest discovery award haha). Well I went on a little sugar kick last week and had to have some every day. At least I thought I did. Well my brain wanted to have the hugest melt down ever and my body just did not FEEL GOOD AT ALL, along with my acid reflux starting to kick in to high gear with this pregnancy (I am not complaining at all, I had acid reflux the entire time with kala!). With all these things, I decided I probably should cut my intake of sugar. Meaning I needed to stop making cookies, eating chocolate that everyone seems to love to give me, and finding random candy that I always seem to have around the house. 
So it leads me to monday at the grocery store I found some gluten free Oh's cereal. I was THRILLED to say the least, I have been craving cheerios, probably only because I can't eat them. (I haven't been able to eat cereal in general except this one called Sunrise by Nature's Path it is delicious! It's all organic, maybe that's why my body is ok with it, my body likes expensive food I guess). So I drizzled a bit of honey on my bowl of cheerios and OH MY GOODNESS, it was as if angels were singing. I could have eaten three bowls. That night I made a honey lime grilled chicken. Talk about yum, I'm adding this to my list of items to cook LOTS. And I cannot wait to make to make this spicy honey chicken I found on a blog I follow.  It's on the menu for thursday. Needless to say i have had honey drizzled cheerios every day this week. Honey has become my new best friend. I am so glad we got this 6 lb container from costco. I LOVE HONEY. 

All things Kala at the age of DWOOOO!

Kalamaku Clay Akina is TWO years old. I just can't even believe it! Truthfully he's seems so small to me to be two, but then I watch him play and I think, WOW what happened to the infant that used to snuggle me all the time. 
On his birthday (which happened to fall on mothers day this year!) we had Kaulana's summer sales team over for dinner and dessert. Kala got a couple puzzles and we just enjoyed that daddy was home.
 We had a relaxed birthday for him, gearing up for his big party! This year, as he's really been noticing that things are changing (due to baby boy coming and Daddy being gone with his summer sales team), I really wanted him to be able to feel special and have fun with his friends and of course our families. Due to lots of circumstances the majority of his friends weren't able to make it, but we sure had such a blast with so much of our dear friends and family. We were especially lucky to have Kaulana's sister Hana here from hawaii to celebrate this fun day with us. Thanks to all our friends and family, you are always so loving and supportive, I don't know what we would do without you. 
We had a little bit of a Dr. Suess theme, but didn't go all out with games because we just wanted it to be relaxed and swim. My Mom worked so hard to help out with Kala's fun party, she did such an awesome job on so much yummy food (which seemed to be attacked by flies as soon as we brought it out, yuck! haha. ) Kala sure had a blast, and still didn't understand why we kept taking his toys away so he could open another present. Doesn't take much to please this kid, he sure is just like his daddy in that area! Here are a few pictures from the party:

dr. suess birthday cake hat

fishy cupcakes (they turned out so cute and were so super easy!)

So all things Kala as he turns two:
1. He LOVES his daddy, he misses him so much and cries every time he leaves (he just craves being able to get out so much energy and aggression with such a fun daddy), but man alive he loves his mommy to hold him in the middle of the night when he wants to snuggle. I love it too I must admit.
2. He loves trucks and busses. He has just gotten down the "s" sound at the end of words and will randomly say BUSSS at any given point in the day.
3. He loves pens, and asks to color with them all the time. He just scribbles but when the scribble is in a circle he is determined that it is a ball. If it comes off more box like or rigid, it is a "TRU" (truck). Yes he is a boy through and through.
4. He is non stop energy, constantly running, jumping, and dancing. But he does so great with naptime. All I have to do is lay him in his bed with his blanket, and he goes to sleep all by himself. He takes a three and a half hour nap each day, and boy does he need it, because once he wakes up it is non stop once again. He has even started asking me to put him in his bed when he's done with his lunch. He recognizes that he's tired, but can't seem to stop long enough unless I lay him down for a nap.
5. He really likes the movie Rio and has adopted a new dance move, the head nod from side to side. Sometimes it gets pretty crazy. He even decided that the opening hymn in sacrament meeting at church deserved a good head nod and jumping today. bahaha it was hilarious.
6. Is started to recognize the urge to poop! haha tmi? Story of the week, I was giving Kala a bath the other night and he kept trying to hide from my behind the curtain, I turned my head to talk to my sister in law who was in the doorway and all of a sudden Kala hands me somthing. "here mama". I was like "what is it?" as I slowly turn my head to check my hand, yes it was POOP! Oh my goodness I felt a whole other level of initiation into motherhood. Kala has never pooped in the bath until now. I was like WOOOOW! And he just kept trying to hand me more! I was like "EWW STOP TOUCHING IT!" I was so relieved to actually have someone with me that night (since Kaulana is always working at night... THANKS HANA). It was definitely Hana to the rescue as she took him to the other bath to restart the bathing process, as I started the cleaning slash bleaching process in the poop filled tub. Two days later he got this huge "UH OH" look on his face while he was in the tub and says "mama PooPoo!" and I said "do you need to go poopoo?" he said yes and let me sit him on our bit potty! He sure tried to push some poop out but I think it was a bit uncomfortable for him, she he just got out some toots and said he was done. Nevertheless everyone has told me that I was crazy thinking kala was interested in the potty but I think I need to purchase us a little kiddy toilet!
7. He is SO STUBBORN. My goodness what a funny boy. If I ask HIM any certain things to eat he says NO. So I have proceeded to make meals without asking and just placing it on his tray. I have to be very tricky about how I get him to do things. 
8. He is very interested in how things work. Very mechanically minded. He got some awesome, tricky, puzzles from my inlaws. He will honestly sit and do them for twenty minutes (anyone who knows Kala knows he does not sit still). He loves to figure out exactly how they are pieced together, and he is actually very good at it. What a smart little guy. 
9. When we are at home and he is comfortable, he talks. and talks. and talks. I have no idea what he is talking about most of the time but he sure tries to get his point across. When we are at home if we can even get him to say hi or bye it is a miracle!
10. He is so sweet. He folds his arms and closes his eyes during prayers (while sneaking food at meal times with one of his hands haha). He gives us kisses all the time. He will purposefully move our faces to where he wants to give us a kiss whether it be on our foreheads or cheeks or lips. it's just the cutest thing.
11. He has the greatest smile and he is just so happy. He just brightens up my day my goodness. I am such a lucky momma to have such an awesome little kid. 

I just can't believe it's been two years. I like him small. I don't want him to grow up and leave me one day. He's just so sweet. I love this age.

28 weeks Hello Third Trimester

How far along? 28 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: 18 pounds... very sad to hear that but the nurse said it's typical around this time to have a jump in weight
Best Moment of the Week: My best friend Caitlin took my to my doctors appointment on friday and my doctor thought it would be fun for her to see the baby so he did a quick ultra sound. He thought he was in a great position so he tried doing a 3D ultrasound. Little man had moved a bit so it was a bit blurry but HOLY COW HE'S REAL! He has features and a round face! and such a cute nose! It's funny just how much this little guy just rolls and rolls. Kala seemed to kick a lot more than he does, but he is active none the less. Very active, just different. It's really fun. Just hope he doesn't get the umbilical chord too wound up around him!! So excited for this sweet little man to come.
Food Cravings: Nothing really. Just love real food. Balanced meals make me feel the best... but that is probably just contributed to my celiacs.
Labor Signs: I have started getting quite a few braxton hicks, particularly in the afternoon. It's getting super hot for me so I have to stay waaaaay hydrated or else I start to feel very dizzy.
What I am looking forward to: Hm, probably getting the baby things out and starting to go through everything again, gathering all my stuff from our various moves over the past two years and getting to see what I have for this sweet boy.
Milestones: Third trimester, woo hoo! I have less than three months left. Wow it's an awesome thing.
Realization of the week: (more like of the last twenty minutes after i saw my last pregnancy post). I just can't believe how much I've grown in the past five weeks...my stomach and just doubled! and I mean yikes... meaning i have soooo much more to go, yikes. I forgot how much time it took my body to get back to being, MY body. It was all worth it last time, and I already know it's worth it this time. He's sure a funny guy. So grateful to be a momma and momma to be. Kaulana got me a card from Kala and Benson for mothers day for part of my gift. He signed it from both of them. Actually seeing his name on a card made it that much more real. He is real, I mean i feel him daily... constantly, but he's going to be here before we know it! Just forget all the milestones of how real this next step of motherhood becomes. it's exhilirating, even with number two!

thank heaven for unanswered prayers

So I was sitting on my bed just reading through my primary lesson which happened to be on prayer. One of the things it talks about was sometimes Heavenly Father answers No to our prayers, because it's not for the best. I have no idea why, but the thought came to my mind of how growing up, being the fairytale girl that I am I always prayed that my current boyfriend or the guy I like would like me forever and that I could marry them and live happily ever after. bahahaha. I know it sounds so silly, but I am so grateful that heavenly father said NO. I am just the luckiest girl in the whole world having married Kaulana. He is just a stud. I am so grateful for him and that my prayers were answered, just different than I had expected.

Granola... or Gorilla?

So I just needed to record a little bit of Kala the past couple weeks... he is just so funny.
So I LOVE to snack on a little gluten free granola. Turns out Kala does too! One day he was begging to try so, I totally thought he wouldn't like it, but he LOVED it. And I told him it was granola, he thought I said Gorilla. So he continued to ask for more, GORILLA as he pounded his chest and made a gorilla sound. haha. He continues to this day to grab the bag and act like a Gorilla, as he sweetly is asking for Granola. 
Second, the past few days he has discovered how to end words that end with "s". So instead of saying "bu" he says "busss" and yesterday he started saying "nice" instead of "ni" with a huge enuciation on the ce... bahaha. He walks around all day saying "bus"... i mean seriously ALL DAY. That's all he talks about. 
And lastly, I can't believe my sweet boy is going to be two on Sunday! We have been practicing saying two, and trying to make the hand motions, he puts his hand out (all five fingers) and says "DOOO!" As if he needs to yell it. He's so cute. How did I get so lucky with such a sweet little boy.