[the beginning of our eternity]

Pictures pictures pictures!

These pictures are from my work baby shower as well as from a trip that we took our students on to out of africa. I can't legally show you half the pictures we took but there were some pretty amazing animals at Out of Africa. I still need to post the pictures of my other baby shower. Kaulana and I feel so blessed and grateful for all that we have been given. I just can't believe how generous people are! We are sure loved. Kalamaku is one spoiled boy he has so much clothes and everything he could want and we have only spent a total of $50 dollars. We imagined we would have to spend much more considering how expensive baby supplies are. We have just been so blessed and I can't express the gratitude that Kaulana and I feel. It's such a wonderful thing to feel so loved. Kalamaku is one lucky little boy and he doesn't even realize it! These are most likely the final pictures i will ever post of myself being pregnant considering how huge i am and I cannot stand the sight of myself haha. I'm almost 37 weeks and so excited to get our little boy here. Time has flown as I look back and I knew it would but the time felt like it was slow as molasses as I struggled through my sickness the entire time! Now I just can't believe we get to hold our little boy so soon! So excited! I'll post the other pictures in a couple days, we have quite the busy week as we found out yesterday someone wants to move into our house a week from today talk about one busy week! Poor kaulana is sooo stressed but we'll make it because we always do!

34 weeks 6 days! yikes!

it's been quite the crazy week and it's only wednesday! Kaulana and I have been so busy between getting everything ready for baby stuff and kaulana starting his gov't job on top of the rest of his busy schedule. We had yet another doctors appt yesterday and Kalamaku is doing GREAT! He's perfect size and mom still does not have stretch marks. the doctor was very impressed i must say. haha. He tends to have the hiccups quite a bit and is dropping down into my ever spreading (painfully spreading i must say) hips! He is still face down and snuggling right into my hips more and more each visit! Yay for him being a good boy. Already living up to his name! Kaulana and I are getting very excited and anxious to see what he is going to look like! At our last visit when we had our final ultrasound it revealed that HE HAS HAIR! woo hoo our little munchkin will not be bald haha. He also no longer has any fluid in his right kidney and only a teeny tiny bit in his left! Yay for making progress! I am so excited for my baby showers the next week or so and to add to our collection for our little guy. We are so blessed to have so much wonderful family and friends! I can't wait for each step because it makes us just that much closer to our little one. I never thought i would get down to the 30's in days!! woo hoo!! time is flying yet dragging so slow each day! but i know the saying is, he'll be here before we know it!

spring break

We had such a great spring break! It started off with our trip down to phoenix for the Aloha Festival. We had such a blast messin around and getting to see Uncle Kawika. We also went to Las Vegas and spent some time with kaulana's brother Ka'ihe and his wife Karlee! We also got to spend some time with my brother and his girlfriend on the strip after they dropped off her sister. We had so much fun just getting away for our last big trip before our little munchkin gets here! Here are a few pictures from all of our adventures!