[the beginning of our eternity]

A day of.. Happy tears

So today I was holding my sweet boy as he was falling asleep for his afternoon nap and it HIT ME he is almost a year old. It feels like just yesterday my girls from work were walking with me around the track as I was getting ready to head into the hospital! I guess it doesn't help that I was gathering pictures for his birthday party. But my oh my I love to hold my sweet boy! He is walking around almost ALL the time now, just crawling when he wants to go really fast! He's getting into everything and climbing on everything! He is stubborn and independent and has the cutest laughs and smiles which he seems to ALWAYS have even when he's a grump! Oh how I love my sweet boy, I couldn't imagine my each and everyday without him!He smiles for miles!
His first time on the swing! He looks disgusted by it, but he sure did have fun!

The sweet spirit of the Lord...

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend my mom's stake conference. Elder Russell M. Nelson (of the quorum of the twelve apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) presided over the conference! My mom had the opportunity to serve him dinner before the adult meetings. I had NO IDEA he was coming out I was just going to find my mom and THERE HE WAS! He stopped and grabbed Kala's hand and just shook it and told me how cute he was. I have never been at such a loss for words. And then hearing him speak that evening along with Elder Cook of the seventy. Wow you cannot hear these men speak without KNOWING that they are men of God and that we belong to his Church here upon the earth. That night I just felt as if I wanted to cry. I couldn't figure out why until the next day my mom and I were talking to Sister Frost and SHE HAD THE SAME EXPERIENCE. He was just so filled with the spirit. It was amazing. Becca (the Frost's daughter) told how at dinner he didn't even want to eat an extra roll because he knew that he needed a clear mind for the rest of the evening (for those of you who don't know, he was speaking of the word of wisdom and rolls have yeast!). I came out with so much from the conference, including the saying "Look Up!" meaning to look to heavenly father instead of looking down about how overwhelmed we are or all the things that we are struggling with! I came out with an even greater desire to become better each and every day! I am so grateful for the spirit of the Lord and for the influence that it has in my life.

picture fun

blackmail! ahaha i love those little buns!!
kala was crying in the car on the way up to flagstaff and I thought it might help him stop if he could see the way his face looked... sure didn't help haha i love my sweet boy!
gotta love baby einsteins!!! kala is determined not to eat these days and baby einsteins has SAVED me because he is so distracted by it that I can feed him all his food and he LOVES it haha
Going on walks here in Flagstaff is quite a bit different than going on walks in Kahuku!! Kala is struggling having to wear so much clothes these days!! and he HATES wearing his socks!!! Oh sweet boy!


One day I was just having the HARDEST day and my sweet husband just had these delivered to me. Oh how i Love him!Playing with the cousins!
The king of "packing" or should I say CLIMBING!!

Well we moved out of our little house in hawaii! We were so busy packing up since we decided (because of a few events) that we would be going to arizona WAAAAY sooner than we expected and we left two weeks from when we decided! I couldn't post for one because we were so busy AND because it was a big surprise for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary! Soo much fun! I can't help but feel in limbo at the moment since we packed up our things in hawaii and it is currently resting in my in-laws garage while the other half of our stuff is still in my parents bear's den and we have NO IDEA whether we'll be in Arizona or Hawaii in the fall for Kaulana's school! We are enjoying the ride and just have faith that Heavenly Father knows where we are going even if we don't know yet!