[the beginning of our eternity]

Let Freedom Ring

This fourth of July was the BEST EVER! We had such a blast at the US Airforce Academy! Between good food (turkey legs and fresh Lemonade!), football fun, fun concert performances, and the most amazing fireworks any of us had seen I thought this fourth of July was quite successful! If that wasn't enough, being at the USAFA when they sang the songs of all of the armed forces. They had each stand when their song was being sung, I have never been surrounded by quite so many people that are or were involved in serving our country. It was a very emotional experience for all of us. It brought a whole new level of appreciation to my heart for those who serve our country so that I can live the way I do. I am grateful to say the least.

Moto Moto

We have been having lots of fun adventures here in Colorado Springs and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is definitely at the top of the charts!! What a fun zoo! We loved the monkeys, hippos (we love ourselves a little moto moto!), and the GIRAFFES! So fun!

(so sad! we just couldn't get enough of his face!)
(say it with me now ALFALFA!)
( Kala's very first time riding the horses on the merry-go-round, he was very unsure until everyone kept cheering him on, oh our sweet boy!)

(He was so tired when afternoon rolled around that he feel asleep in the middle of eating his pb&j!)
(Feeding the giraffes)

a messy fathers day

I know this is a bit late but Kalamaku had his very first hand painting experience when making Kaulana's fathers day poster! He had lots of fun getting super messy. Kaulana loved the poster, and Kala loves taking it down and stepping on it. He likes to take it down and sit on it while he's reading books in his room. To say the least I think he is very proud of his masterpiece! We sure love our daddy and the wonderful man that he is!