[the beginning of our eternity]

My Best Friends

Let me just start off by saying that I have the two best friends in the entire world and I don't know how I got so lucky. They both mean the world to me.To start of there is Miss Mary! Oh my how i love my red headed, stubborn, adventure loving little miss mary. She has been there for me through thick and thin. She is so beautiful inside and out and full of fire. I would say she is the sister I never had, but I have a sister and I love my sister too haha, lets just say she long been an addition to the family! I love her to pieces.Then there is my sweet Caitlin. Oh my, this girl has love exploding from her, talk about full of life, this girl has it all. Caitlin is someone, that we met through very odd circumstances but we were destined for each other! She's beautiful inside and out and has the world at her finger tips. I have been so blessed to have the two best friends in the entire world. I have been so far from them for almost a year now but they have only ever been a phone call away. Words cannot express the love I have for them and the joy that they bring me just by knowing that they are my friends. I love these sweet girls from the very bottom of my heart and I am just so grateful for their friendship and I CAN'T WAIT to be able to play with them again!!

The Adventures in the Afternoon of a Young Mother...

So the day started off just fine, like any other day in the life of a mom! Afternoon struck and something sure was trying to get me down, but I didn't give in...

It went a bit like this...

I was folding all five loads of laundery while Kalamaku was runnin' around me when all of a sunday he starts SCREAMING! At first I went to comfort him thinking he probably just bumped his head and I didn't want to be the over bearing first time mother when ALL OF SUDDEN... BLOOD... I was like "ah! unexpected!" So I picked him up and rushed over to the sink to grab some paper towels. His poor mouth was just bleeding bleeding, as I tried to calm my sweet boy down I just kept praying that he didn't knock out his teeth or that it wasn't anything permanent. Sure enough it was just the little part where his lip connects to his gums... anatomy was too long ago I don't remember what it's called but the poor boy was just so upset. So I CALMLY took care of it, and I didn't even call Kaulana and disturb him while he was working so so hard. I was sooo proud of myself!
So then I got him calmed down enough after holding him for about an hour that I sat him down to watch a movie while I start dinner. This carpet guy was supposed to come sometime in the early afternoon and it was already five so I decided it would be ok to start dinner instead of picking up Kala's disaster toy mess! Sure enough fifteen minutes into me starting dinner... "knock knock knock..." Uh are you KIDDING! haha so i hurrry and let the guy in clean up real quick and move kala into his high chair in the kitchen. I start again on dinner while the guy works and "just keep swimming" when I realize "oh man I forgot to start the oven. So I did and I continue to make dinner as I say goodbye to the nice man spraying our carpet! When all of a sudden I smell something weird! I brush it off and keep making my meat loaf... then I just couldn't stand it anymore and I start looking around... when finally i look in the oven and BUM BUM BUM...
I had thought that my sweet brother had put his plastic plate, hawaiian pancake, fork and all in the oven while he went somewhere, wanting to keep it warm, and not knowing his wife made him another on a DIFFERENT plate! So I had cooked this cute plate... the smithereens! mmm yum! (Kaulana asked if the pancake still tasted good haha). I just laughed and delayed dinner and I spent the next hour cleaning my dear sweet oven and I gave my dear sweet brother I little kick in the bum. Everyone had quite the laugh when they got home. But boy was I happy to eat dinner and GO TO SLEEP. I love my life, adventures and all! And I only have one!

Young Mothers, and Wives

For those of you who don't know who this is, she was one of Heavenly Father's elect. Marjorie Pay Hinckley, wife of late Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, President Gordon B. Hinckley. As I read the book "Behind Every Good Man" by John Bytheway he included this quote by her which was very profound to me and maybe it might struck some of you (if anyone even reads my blog haha).

"I know it is hard for you young mothers to believe that almost before you can turn around the children will be gone and you will be alone with your husband. You had better be sure you are developing the kind of love and friendship that will be delightful and enduring. Let the children learn from your attitude that he is important. Encourage him. Be kind. It is a rough world, and he, like everyone else, is fighting to survive. Be cheerful. Don't be a whiner."
- Marjorie Pay Hinckley

I challenge all my friends to seriously consider this, and to take it to heart. We need to be fiercely loyal to our spouses and remember that we are creating a relationship not just for time, but for eternity.

Kalamaku's Second First Birthday

Kalamaku, that lucky boy, got TWO birthday parties, well CAKES this year! On his actual birthday we celebrated by having waffles, his absolute favorite I might add, hence he walked around "mmm"ing haha! And since everyone had to work all day we decided to celebrate on the Sunday after! I made him this DELICIOUS Strawberry Shortcake with Almond Glaze! yum! and he sure thought so too!
investigating... (which he has to do with ALL new foods, so adamant this boy)
oooh this is good...

He had so much fun to say the least! He is one happy boy! He just runs around everywhere, loves to sing when I turn on music or sing to him, is very strong-willed, full of energy, and EATS EATS EATS! I sure love him and I just can't believe my sweet boy is ALREADY ONE!

Papa's Strong Boy

Kalamaku's favorite past time is officially... PUSHING A CHAIR! haha. He is such a laugh oh my goodness. Grandpa Ron and Kala spent the last few days in Arizona "making laps". When Kala would run into the cupboard or a wall he would look at Papa and say "ah", like will you help me, and Papa would help him turn the chair around. He made so many laps that he started learning how to turn the chair around all by himself. He thinks he is all that and more. I sure love that boy!

Kalamaku is one that... let's just say NEVER STOPS. So one day I caught him just decide to sit down, then lie down and relax while he tried to figure out how this little plastic egg worked! He is so determined to figure everything out! He is such a smart, strong-minded little boy and I sure I can help him along in his never ending adventures!

(This is his "what mom?" face)

Miss Dallen's Graduation

We are so so proud of my sweet sister-in-law Dallen! She graduated from Dixie State University in St. George Utah and were so excited to be apart of her special day! She is such a strong beautiful woman and we are so lucky to be able to spend our summer adventuring with her! I can't wait to one day be in that cap and gown! So so proud of her!

Behind Every Good Man

"I know it is hard for you young mothers to believe that almost before you can turn around the children will be gone and you will be alone with your husband. You had better be sure you are developing the kind of love and friendship that will be delightful and enduring. Let the children learn from your attitude that he is important. Encourage him. Be kind. It is a rough world, and he, like everyone else, is fighting to survive. Be cheerful. Don't be a whiner."
- Marjorie Pay Hinckley
I have been reading this book the past two days during Kala's little nap. It is such a quick read and very motivational to me to be a better wife! I'm not saying my husband doesn't take spiritual lead in the home or that he isn't a good priesthood holder, I'm honestly saying, it has helped me to gain a greater understanding of how to create a stronger sense of the spirit in our relationship! It was such a great book! I recommend it to EVERYONE! I am so grateful to know the power of the spirit and the strength that it brings to Kaulana and I in our marriage!

Number 1

We had a little celebration for Kalamaku's first birthday a few weeks early in order to be able to celebrate with a few family and friends in Arizona! We had quite the "monster" party! From monster balls to, monster cupcakes, and our LITTLE MONSTER who doesn't seem quite so little anymore! He just decided... Who needs hands??
His favorite part of the cake was the suckers that were the monster eyes! haha

He got a little dirty to say the least haha!
Kala didn't quite understand just why we were opening all these toys and then TAKING THEM AWAY! This school bus from one of my best friends Caitlin was his absolute favorite he just couldn't take his eyes off of it!
I can't believe that exactly a year ago I got to hold my sweet little boy for the very first time! It has been the best year of our lives. I honestly could not ask for anything more! Between the craziness of a walking, yelling, active little boy and the sweet cuddles I am soo lucky to have the best little family in the whole world!

drum roll please...

Kaulana got into the Public Administration program at ASU!! It is ranked 6th in the nation for their program! We are so so excited to be so fortunate to be a part of this program! Kaulana has been working so hard and we just can't wait to start building our little home in the valley! Welcome to the heat!


Some days I just feel like a failure. I look around at the world around me, everyone getting degrees, reaching new heights in the work place! And I feel like I have no talents as a stay at home mom! All i do is cook cook cook and clean clean clean and play play play! When I'm feeling so terrible that I'm not doing everything that the world is doing, I just keep thinking about how lucky I am to be a mom and I know that I am doing the right thing staying at home with my dear sweet Kala... Sorry for my moment of venting...