[the beginning of our eternity]

Kala Boy

Kalamaku's second day at church but first church outfit (since his first was his blessing outfit!) He did sooo good at his first full day of church!! Even though he fussed a bit in the morning, he was a champ all throughout church. He was just so content at checking out his new surroundings!! I'm just so lucky to have such wonderful boys! I love them!


DRUM ROLL PLEASE... Dun dun dun! I FINALLY got my associates diploma in the mail! If you look at the date on the certificate, i actually graduated in december! Having been so sick all of last fall semester because of my pregnancy, taking fifteen credits and working full time i decided to take the spring semester off and stop trying to kill myself! Knowing that i was having a little one and not knowing how soon i would be going back to school Kaulana and I decided that it would be important to wrap up the credits I have gotten and have something to show for it! If you read real close i graduated cum laude which means i did real good! (only getting two b's and all the rest A's in my 62 credits! woo!) I must say i sure worked my bum off and for some reason finally seeing this silly piece of papers somehow makes it all feel real!

fathers day friday

We just had such a fun father's day weekend!! I decided that since kaulana has friday's off and father's day is on a sunday and you can't really go do any really father loving stuff, that we would make a new tradition and celebrate it on friday by doing some of kaulana's absolute favorite things (since all he wanted for fathers day was a fishing pole and i had no idea what kind he wanted!)!!We started off the morning going to Dog Haus and had a breakfast burrito (nothing tops these breakfast burritos!)
We then went hiking (Kalamaku's first hike ever i must add!) and hiked fat mans loop. I must say having a baby made me more out of shape than i realized!!

We were so happy to be out hiking again and can't wait to go more this summer!

Since brats are a very... man/father's day thing kaulana grilled some up and we had kettle cooked jalapeno chips, grape juice and a yummy salad!

The next morning we had what we tried to make a hawaiian breakfast. Funny story when i was trying to find portuguese sausage. I was at basha's and couldn't find it so i asked the meat guy and he looked at me like i was crazy and like i had made it up. So i couldn't think of the white people way to say it and then it finally came out "i guess the howley way to say it is portuguese sausage" (if any of you have been to hawaii howley is a white person and they say portuguese differently!). Well he said he'd never heard of it and that he had no idea where i could find it. So i took an adventure across town and i had to ask again, dun dun dun... THE GUY AGAIN LOOKED AT ME LIKE I WAS CRAZY! I was like man have you people not lived because it is one of the best foods on earth! Once again he said that he has no idea what it was and that they didn't have it. So i had to go with some other spicy cajun sausage that seemed somewhat similar. It was good, just not quite the same. But we had our fake portuguese sausage, rice and scrambled eggs. YUM! The only thing that would have made it better is if we would have had shoyu soy sauce. I also got kaulana some hawaiian sweet bread which he loves. All in all, i think our fathers day adventures were quite the success!! I am just so grateful for such a wonderful husband who is already such a wonderful father. You should see the way kala's eyes light up and he grins from ear to ear when his daddy gets home and holds him. It's priceless. I am so lucky to have such a strong priesthood holder in my home to bless my life and my sweet babies life!

3 wks and counting!

I just can't believe how big our little guy is getting. I feel like every day i wake up and look over at him he's a whole new kid! and by kid i mean HE'S HUGE!! I am so grateful for such a hardworking husband that was willing and wanted to get a job to make enough money so i could stay home and raise our little boy and watch him grow. I just don't know how i could ever leave him!


2 week measurements!

kalamaku was actually only 11 days but...
7 lbs. 12 oz
20 in.

doc says he looks great and his jaundice is getting much better!! Way to go baby boy!!


Kalamaku Clay Akina
born at 6:15 pm Thursday, May 13, 2010
7 lbs. 7 oz.
19 in. long (although five days later he measured at 20 in!)
apgar scores were 9 and 9!! (since tens are bad luck!)
our little guy is just so perfect!
My Story
On Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 I decided to go in to my chiropractor to get acupuncture to hopefully start my labor since i had been so sick with something called the noro virus for two weeks and it was preventing my body for going into labor. Sure enough that night around 7 I started cramping up a bit. I starting worrying so much (i tend to be good at that :) ). I called Kaulana since he was out of town in Kanab working for the week just to give him to heads up just incase i really started going into labor to make sure he answered the phone haha. Well the next morning I woke up at 5:30 as usual and was pretty bummed because i thought i felt pretty good! So I carried on as usual. As I was standing in the shower I was thinking "well hm... i guess i don't feel as good as i thought" as i had a bit more discomfort in my back than usual. Well i continued on with my routine and i started having irregular contractions. at about 6:30 talking to my mom i decided I decided just to head on to work! At about 7:15 (right as the kids i work with arrived at school) i started having contractions every 5 minutes. I had told Kaulana that he should probably try to reach me every hour considering he would be out of reception most of the day so at 8:30 he called me up and I said i was having consistent contractions but that i was going to go in for a while so he could work, then he made it clear to me that he was 4 and a half hours away so he decided to head on home just in case. Good thing because at 8:45 i started having contractions every 2 minutes consistently. My mom kept calling to check on me and i kept saying... "well just a bit longer." At 10:30 i finally decided to have her head over to come take me to the hospital. We checked into the triage just after 11. My sweet nurse Bethaina hooked me up to the monitors that checked my contractions as well as kala's heartbeat. To my dismay as i sat on the hospital bed my stinkin contractions began to be so pitiful!! I was like "oh man give me a break! they were so much harder before!!" So my nurse returned and checked me. i was a zero and dilated to a three. She said that she wanted me to walk around for an hour before they checked me in just to make sure i was really in labor but before i did that she wanted me to roll on my side because they wanted the babies heartbeat to reach 150 before they let me go. Sure enough I turned on my side and my BIG contractions started up once more! Woo hoo! So as the babies heartbeat reached what they wanted and my nurse returned she said "wow, you really are in labor those are some huge contractions i'm surprised you're not more vocal about it! so we're going to go ahead and check you in, i guess you can still walk around if you'd like!" The nurse said i could have some food so we headed down to the cafeteria to waste time. i was havin a pretty hard time walking back and my mom would be half way down the hall until she realized i was stopped haha. Well we got back to the room and kaulana got there shortly after. I got to get in the huge tub with jets and it was AMAZING. I started to feel them a little more in the tub so i decided to better get out because i was confident that i wanted to get an epidural even though i wasn't in much pain i knew it would hurt later and I had heard of people that had stayed in the tub for too long that they couldn't get an epidural! yikes. so when i got out the nurse checked me and I was dilating PERFECTLY. the nurse was so shocked how "text book" i was. It had been three hourse and i had dilated to a 6 and a half! So they called doc for the epidural and started him on over. When he got there and was prepping me he said "feel free to curse or whatever you'd like!" haha and just like the rest of my labor so far i just breathed quietly and whispered "poop" under my breath haha. I think that the
was the most pain i felt the entire time but man was it worth it! My nurse checked me after and I was dilated to a 7 and a half and told me she wanted my water to break on its own if possible. An hour later she check me again 8 1/2! and she was afraid she was going to break my water because there was so much pressure. so as i was "napping" i was thinking wow i'm feelin pressure that would be crazy if my water broke and BAM it broke. haha i was like
and my mom was like "WOW i thought you were sleeping!" haha so the doc and nurse came in and said they would come and check me in a few hours (so they would come and check me after 7) because they didn't want to take chance of any infection. I told them "well I am feeling pressure on every contraction, i can tell because i look at the monitor after i've felt the pressure and sure enough i'm having one" and they were like "hey! no cheating you can't look at the monitor!" they thought i was just looking at the monitor and then thinking i was feeling pressure. Silly nurse and doc I WASN'T MAKING IT UP! Sure enough just about 20 minutes later i had another gush of fluid and i said to Kaulana 'do you think they want to change my rags' and i was like nah, but Kaulana decided to tell them anyway, so they decided to check me and sure enough i was dilated to ten and his head was a plus 2!!! he was basically already on his way out! So i pushed three times before the doc came in then about 4-5 more times when the doc was there and a total of fifteen minutes pushing... we had a beautiful baby boy!!! (they had put a mirror in front of me in case i wanted to watch and i was too nervous to look up so they were like oh look you can see his head coming so i looked and shouted WOW! and i started laughing and said "i guess i should be pushing!" haha it was a crack up!) All in all, i had an AMAZING delivery with such a great nurse and doctor!
So after that novel, my mom says "wow I've seen 9 of the ten grandkids born and YOUR DELIVERY WAS THE EASIEST!" I guess when i told heavenly father i couldn't have more kids because my pregnancy was so miserable he was pretty confident i would forget about it if i had such an easy delivery! ha! woo hoo! The nurse also joked and said man, next time you better get to the hospital as soon as you start having any contractions or else you'll be having it on the side of the road!
We have been so blessed with such a beautiful baby boy, i still can't believe he's ours. Every time i look over at him sleeping I just can't believe how much my love for him grows. Kaulana and I are just so thrilled to be parents and are loving every minute.