[the beginning of our eternity]

baby shower

I know I know it's a bit late... a month and one day after my shower but I thought it still needed documentation because it was soo wonderful! I am so blessed with so much friends and family that shared this special occasion with me. Kaulana and I just can't believe how much support we have received in welcoming our sweet little boy into this world! My shower was such a blast! We had a couple games that were just perfect! For one of the games, everyone got into teams for one of them and made pictures of what they thought Kaulana and my little boy would look like out of baby magazine pictures. We sure got some good laughs and everyone for some reason had monkeys on the page. I guess they're all thinkin he'll be some sort of monkey haha.
My sweet, soon to be, sister-in-law made me this cute diaper cake for my shower and I just thought it was sooo cute and that I'm so lucky because i have always wanted one of these! haha

It was so wonderful to get together with old friends and new. It's amazing no matter what paths we take in our lives, to look around and see those that we have gathered into our circle of life! I was just so so excited to be able to share this next step in my life with all of my family and friends!

We were blessed with so many gifts! kalamaku is one spoiled little boy. This was from my aunts and grandma shumway in oklahoma. They made a tool belt for kaulana filled with diapers and gadgets galore (including goggles!). It was such a fun time and I am just so amazed at how loved Kaulana and I are along with how lucky we are to be bringing in another one of heavenly fathers children into such a loving circle of friends and family.

mother's day

I have the sweetest husband. He made my mothers day just so special. He surprised me with a card "from" kalamaku and he got me a card and a "hospital survival kit". Oh goodness it is packed with so many wonderful things such as oreo blizzard cookies (if anyone doesn't know I LOOOOOOVE oreo shakes!), milano cookies, lots and lots of treats haha, a notebook so i can make sure i can write down how I feel about having my sweet baby boy (it's one of the things Kaulana and i decided we wanted to do for mr. kala for when he gets older), and last but not least HE GOT ME THE SCRIPTURE APP FOR MY IPOD!!! ah i have been wanting it soooo bad and have been just dying to buy it. it is the coolest thing in the whole world oh goodness, if you have an ipod touch and don't have the scripture app you have to get it bc it is so awesome! it even has the past three conferences talks on it!!! i am so grateful for a husband that knows me so well!!! now i am all set for the hospital! he not only went on one walk with me on sunday BUT TWO!!! totaling like 6 miles. I sure wanted this little boy out of me. haha. No baby bc the doc says my body is still fighting all my sickness (noro virus) and doesn't want to fight it and go through labor at the same time. bummer. but at least my long walks made him drop and he's about ready to fall out doc says haha so labor could be much faster since he's all set and ready to go! I am just so excited to meet my sweet son.

On sunday at church we had the most wonderful sacrament meeting. A elderly couple just got off their mission (from some crazy place i forgot) and they spoke. Elder Palmer spoke of how motherhood relates to the atonement. I was very interested from the get go because i had never truly thought of the two together before. Part of his talk he spoke of how everything the christ went through, such as the beating and being spitten upon, his sweet mother mary also went through because of the hurt a mother feels for her child when she sees them experiencing any pain. I had never truly thought about this and it brought a whole new perspective for me. He also spoke of how truly wonderful a mother mary had to be because she had to teach christ to be who he was to become. As mothers we have so much responsibility in raising our children righteously and teaching them about about prayer and scripture study. It is such an amazing role the needs to take so much more priority in our lives. I am just so humbled to think of the great task... well not task but opportunity I have to be a mother to my sweet son. I am just so thankful that i have been trusted with one of heavenly fathers children. I just hope that I can raise my children in righteousness as well as the lord would want. I am just so grateful for the knowledge that i have of the gospel and that i am so blessed to know how to give my children a strong foundation even if i have no idea anything else about motherhood (hopefully time will help! haha).