[the beginning of our eternity]

update: HAWAII

Well, WE'VE MOVED! I know I know it's been almost a month since we've been here but things are CRAZY! Kalamaku was such a good boy on our long flight over, he ended up sleeping for 4 of the 6 hours of the flight! Kala likes his feet in the sand, he just doesn't like the tricky washing off of the sand afterward!

We are loving our new little place that we are renting from kaulana's brother Alan!! It is small but sooo perfect for us!! We have only found two roaches... yuck... but i must say we have been taken over by gecko's (and if you don't know they are actually supposed to be good luck because they are supposed to eat roaches and ants and stuff!) we have three that we know of, we have named them larry, curly and mo. haha we love our gecko's... sad thing is we have only seen one the past week and something has been eating kala's rubber spoons and nipples for his bottles and actually chewed a quarter size hole in an unopened bag of chips.... AAAAAAH.... i don't do good with this yucky bug/rodent stuff.... other than that we are loving our own little place again even though we spend the majority of the time with kaulana's family up the street.
Kala is getting so so big! He has started eating rice cereal and some veggies and fruit! He sure loves to eat!! This was his first time eating! We had his fourth month check up yesterday CAN YOU BELIEVE HE IS ALREADY OVER FOUR MONTHS??? yikes.

WEIGHT: 15 lbs.
HEIGHT: 24.5 in.

He loves to smile and brighten everyone's day. Momma Akina always calls him "the miracle baby". haha he is such a sweet heart and we are loving every minute with him! Sadly, but good at the same time, I have started back to school and Kaulana has started being the stay at home mom then we switch when he goes to coach! Man my schedule is insane and I have nonstop homework. I must say Kala sure has the biggest smile to give me when i get home each day so at least he still loves me. It has been a challenge pumping and getting him to take a bottle and nurse but as soon as he figured out how to eat out of a bottle he has been such a champ. man we are so lucky! We sure love our boy and I have no idea how i could do this going back to school stuff without such a wonderful baby boy!

Right before we left to hawaii my wonderful brother got married. It was so much fun being together with my brother and sister. Kaulana, my bro Clay and my bro in law Clay sure had a blast on clay's last night as a bachelor. I love family. I am sure missing my family in Arizona but we are also having such a blast spending more time with Kaulana's. I don't know what we would do without either side. We are sure loved and blessed by our wonderful family.