[the beginning of our eternity]

The Lord's Way

Well I was waiting to make a big post after I threw a little celebration party for my sweet husband, but it looks like we won't be in a house to do so until after school starts so I felt as if I needed to go ahead and document our good news. 

It's crazy looking back over the past three and a half years and reviewing our journey to this point, and the thing is I wouldn't have it any other way. Through the past few years we have experienced much tears, heartache, and confusion to why my sweet Kaulana was not able to get into physical therapy school. We had decided that it was time to move on after two years of applications which led us back to arizona to the public administration masters program at ASU. After we had gotten back from hawaii, we were in Colorado springs for the summer and Kaulana's tuition was being charged for out of state even though it shouldn't have been, and all of his grants fell through for other various reasons. Since we were out of state at the time it was too difficult to try and get things fixed for the semester we decided we would wait until the spring semester instead of paying the out of state tuition for fall. Through an odd end job Kaulana worked (dominoes) when we first got to Arizona he was led to AT Still university's physical therapy program. which happens to be about ten minutes from our house. Long story short and after laughing it off a few times, Kaulana went in to the university and found out he had been filling out the GPA portion of the application wrong and that it was much higher than he had thought. We just couldn't believe it! Anyone who knows Kaulana, knows he would be happy doing just about anything, but the one job he looks back on and misses is definitely physical therapy. Through many promptings we decided to apply to AT Still. Because of rolling admissions and his later application he was wait listed, and then ACCEPTED! We have honestly learned so much over the past few years and can truly understand the Lord's Way. We can see so clearly why he was not supposed to be accepted into any program yet, and just feel so incredibly blessed that we were led once again to physical therapy. So many of the things we are prompted to do so often seem so absolutely crazy, but I know with every ounce of my being that as we have followed the spirit we have been so blessed and have been able to learn and grow so much more than I thought we were even capable of, and some things I would have never realized we needed to learn. I am just so grateful for the Lord's way and his timing. Even through our current trials, this experience has helped me to have an even greater faith and understanding that the Lord is aware of us and our struggles, he is but leading us to a greater life than we could have ever imagined for ourselves. so CONGRATULATIONS to my sweet husband. We are so excited for this next step in our lives and are beyond words excited to be able to move forward, as well as humbled to even have this incredible opportunity.

Tender Moments

Tonight I was laying next to Kala while he was starting to go to sleep and he asked to say his own prayers. So he said "heav father" and then I prompted him for the rest of the prayer like usual until he stopped repeating what I was saying, which means he's done and we finished his little prayer. A minute or so later he proceeded to ask to pray again (very common, once he starts praying he just wants to do it over and over... and over and over haha). So I said "go ahead" and he said "heav father" and paused then started just going off, now I couldn't understand the majority of what he said but he prayed for his dad TWICE and his dog lady. He must have prayed for three full minutes. He just kept going and going. He knew what he wanted to pray for. It was so sweet, and to hear him pray for his daddy while he was working was just so sweet and tender. I am so grateful for my crazy two year old. He has the sweetest little spirit and I learn from him daily. I am grateful for the gospel in my home and that my son likes to pray over and over. I wouldn't have it any other way.
this is just a random picture. kala decided he wanted to be the present. he also likes to be naked, but insists much of the time to wear his shoes. i love this life.

The Final Stretch, 36 weeks 3 days

How Far along? 36 weeks 3 days
Total weight gain: 27 pounds YIKES!
Best moment of the week: Finally getting out all my little boy clothes. Oh goodness I forgot how small all the newborn clothes are. My goodness! I'm going to have one of these!
Food Cravings: I have been craving pumpkin like something fierce. But most likely i'm still having that craving because I have not satisfied this craving! What I would give for a piece of pumpkin pie. Which is so weird because I totally do not like pumpkin pie in general. It's not generally my go to at thanksgiving! haha
Labor Signs: lots and lots of braxton hicks, Mr. Man definitely started dropping friday after my doctors appointment, and he wanted to make sure I knew he was coming because man alive he worked on my uterus all night and then I had contractions ALL DAY on saturday. My goodness he was trying to show me just how wrong I was to be worried friday morning at my doctor's appointment when I asked about not feeling him drop yet. OH YES MOM I'M DROPPING! haha
What I am looking forward to: getting his coming home outfit... still haven't picked on out! oh and what I am scared out of my mind about is that I feel like this baby boy is going to be so much bigger than Kala. Yikes! Even though I am measuring right on, I am convinced he is much bigger!
Milestones: They will no longer stop me if I go into labor... FREAK OUT. When the doctor told me that I about died! I can't believe he is almost here... STAY IN STAY IN. haha
Realization of the week: how much my body has a mind of it's own when it comes to this labor stuff. freaking out that holy cow he could come at any moment and he would just be here... STAY IN STAY IN i still have to get everything ready!!!

So exciting I won't be pregnant forever but I am just so content with knowing that my sweet family is about to grow by another boy. Oh I'm so in love already. I cannot wait to get to know this little man and watch him become a part of our family. Even though he already is, the boys don't get to be as much a part of this part as I do... Benson is coming in less than four weeks!

Happy Happy Birthday shout HOORAY!

We had so much fun celebrating Kaulana's birthday this year! It fell on a sunday so we got to spend the majority of the day together and it was just so great! Kala made Kaulana a birthday King crown and a sign. He was so proud of his work! We had waffles for breakfast, BLT's for lunch and Lemon Chicken  Paillards along with an amazing salad, ribbon veggies, and mashed potatoes for dinner. All per Kaulana's request. to say the least, we enjoyed every bite of food! We had so much fun celebrating Kaulana's birthday with our friends the Tieks and the Masons who came over for dinner with their families! I was emotional all day (lets just blame it on pregnancy haha). I was just overwhelmed with gratitude for such an amazing man in my life. He is truly one of a kind. I am just so lucky that he was born 32 years ago! I cannot adequately express the love and admiration i feel for this sweet man of mine.
Showing off his birthday crown in his "pre-party" outfit is what he called it haha

Blowing out the candle on his very favorite dessert... even though kala ended up blowing it out before Kaulana could even get the chance

the kids anxiously awaiting dessert

the guys

Melissa and sweet Evie

Janay and Trent

kids club

The superstition mall has a kids club every thursday morning where the kids get a free toy and cookie/goodie and then get to participate in some fun singing dancing activities with "Percefani" (?) and  a beaver (at least i think it's a beaver) called Dooper. It's so fun! And the Tieks were kind enough to bring us along this week! Kala was a bit overwhelmed with all the kids but he did not want to take his eyes off of all the fun. This mall also has a carousel and the kids get a free ride on thursdays when they show their kids club card. I thought Kala might get a bit intimidated based on our experience last year on the carousel in Colorado Springs. But man oh man, he has grown up to be such a big, independent little boy when I tried to put my hand on his back just to "show my support" I guess, he shoved it right off. He had such a blast and kept asking for another ride. I can't believe how much he has grown up in a year. He's just not so little anymore!