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Mommy's Day

This mother's day the boys had pink eye. It was terrible. Poor guys I felt so bad. Luckily the on-call nurse just called in some drops for them. So we spent the day at home! We had so much fun just hanging out. The boys made me the funnest sign. Kala looves to draw. He's very creative and I just love when it's for me. The boys got me a new pan and i LOOOOVE it. It's so perfect for so many of my dishes. I have already used it probably ten times!

Don't judge, they attacked me when i first woke up. I love that cheeser.

Benson with the wrapping paper. of course.
I am so grateful to be a mother. But not just a mother, a mother to my sweet boys. These boys are my whole world. I can't imagine a single day without them. I had no idea before I had kids, even though I was warned, just how much I would love and worry about them. I mean I could just squeeze them and never let go. And when I mean worry, i mean WORRY... constant. it NEVER goes away. But I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world if that means I get to wake up to these two every day. They bring more light to my life than I could ever ask for. Here's to motherhood.

It Aint No Thang

I'm not going to lie, this week has been rough.
Really rough.
This is Kaulana's week off between quarters.
We had so many fun things planned.
But of course, LIFE HAPPENS.
Kaulana and Benson both got sick.
I'm tired of having everyone sick, just for the record. I think we've had enough. FYI.
Kaulana has just been down. Benson has been a cranky, disaster to say the least.
He's been up three times a night for the past four nights.
Benson doesn't like when he feels off. So this past little bit has been a nightmare for him.
My house is even more of a mess. Not getting super clean like I was expecting. I thought i would have more time, not less.
The other day I got my first ticket EVER.
Then our check engine light went on yesterday.

Some days are just rough.

Maybe not so rough, But just one big downer.

Maybe just not so stellar?

Luckily tomorrow is a new day.

So I've decided, I need to start counting my blessings. So maybe I can see the sun shining a little bit brighter.

  •  I have two beautiful boys that I love more than life. Really just a beautiful, beautiful family.

  •  Kaulana is in PT school. It was so hard to get here and we actually made it.

  • My washer and dryer works. I got clean clothes today.

  • I went to the grocery store before the sickness set it. YAY FOR TONS OF SNACKS.

  • All the downers of my day... are only temporary! 

Lastly, It aint no thang. I need to remember that a little more. Because then I get to have those little moments when Kala asks me to hold him/snuggle him while he's falling asleep (usually I only get to hold an appendage like a hand or a foot, if that :) ) and every other worry and stress just seems to disappear.

Kala and I going solo to church on Sunday. Love this little man.


Kala saw Kaulana worrying on his bike. he watched closely. then proceeded to fix his bike. He is so attentive to detail when he wants to be and thinks of things I would have never thought he had paid attention to because I thought he was distracted. This boy...

Then Benson decided he needed to participate as well. So Khalkha and Benson started teaching around the garage. Daddy time is rare around these parts and considered gold. These boys are too much. I don't deserve them.


We had such a busy day filled with family, swimming, pizza, tired babies, tired mommy, and a messy house.

I danced in the kitchen while I got dinner ready tonight.
We made cookies.

Somehow crazy, exhausting days are always made better with dancing in the kitchen and chocolate.


Now that I have finally caught up (for the most part). I am in desperate need of swooning over my sweet Benson. He is getting much too big and I feel in desperate need of slowing it down. I feel like he has grown so much faster than Kala did and it's tearing me apart. 

I never posted his 6 month stats so here they are for recording sake

Weight: 16 lbs 15 oz - 40%
Height 29.25 inches Above the 95% (i think they measured wrong, i think he was about 28.25)
Head Circumference: 43.2 cm - 30%

At six months he rolled. Everywhere. That was his means of transportation. It was hilarious.
First word was mama. More like mamamamama.
He wakes up occasionally saying it too. Oh be still my heart.
Then it was Ba. and bababa.
And don't forget. loud. belts of AAAAH. 
He thinks it's hilarious too.
He got his first three teeth at 6 months. All on the bottom. He has/has the funnest smile.
At about 8 months he started this army crawl thing. It's pretty funny looking. he mainly uses his right arm and his left leg.
At nine months he can move around with ease.
Sitting, scooting, army crawling.
If he knows he is going a long distance he will army crawl.
If he knows it's only a few paces he will do a funny side crawl and an occasional crawl.
The kid knows how to crawl but finds it quicker and easier to army crawl.
The kid is stubborn is what it comes down to.
at  nine and a half months. he pulls himself up on everything.
he sticks his bum up in the air quite regularly trying just to stand up. but instead just puts his head to the ground and looks between his legs. (he actually demonstrated it to his pediatrician at his 9 month appt. and the doc says OH WOW he just wants to walk. yup. he does. please make him stop.)
he is into everything. and I mean everything.
example: yesterday I had the pantry open. I didn't just up because there didn't happen to be anything down low that he could get into. wrong mom. he figured out how to pull himself up on the shelves and pull things off. 
He eats so much. I container and a half of baby food for breakfast and lunch. Two for dinner. With rice cereal for all three. Not to mention puff's, kix, and lil' crunchies along with all his meals.
he is very intense. very. 
But also the sweetest love boy. oh man is he a momma's boy.
And oh do I love love love it.

His 9 month stats are:
weight: 18 pounds 9 ounces - 20 percentile (he is all over the place i'm not surprised in his slowed weight gain)
height: 30.25 inches - 95%
head circumference: 45 cm - 40%

he was all over the place at his 9 month appt. This boy is not going to give me a break. He is to die for though. Oh my goodness he is just my little buddy. 9 months is just way too close to a year. I just wish he would stop!
Grandma Wood got him a new outfit for our trip to Logan. and oh with that bow tie. he is so cute. 12 month outfit at 8 and a half months.

I got his big boy car seat a few months ago. I still haven't switched him. I need to. He's too big for his infant carseat. but oh it's so final. it means he's big.

so tired he fell asleep in the high chair. didn't even get to feed him his lunch!

He idolizes Kala. Even though Kala is soooo rough with him. He just laughs. Until he decides it's too much then he cries. One day I hear "hurry mommy i need help!!" Kala thought it would be a good idea to climb in with Benson... Lesson Learned. Maybe. haha Benson has loved this little jeep. He chases us down and is quick to change directions. he keeps us on our toes in the thing.
I have been watching a friends little boy. and oh how he keeps Benson on his toes.  

Before he consistently started rolling I had him on top of his bed and Kala was in the bathroom and needed help so I ran in real quick to help him. I heard a thud but no cry. and honestly wasn't that loud of a thud. sure enough i come back into benson's room and this is how he's laying. The blanket must have padded his fall. I know I'm a terrible mother. Lesson learned.

like i said, into EVERYTHING. he pulled chips out of the pantry the other day and even pulled chips out of the bag and layed down to try to veg out on them. Not a good idea. he started choking. baby proofing has been taken to a whole new level in our house. it's called BENSON PROOFING.

first time eating waffles (9 months) he was in heaven.

He gets very excited to play with Daddy

He does this hilarious face when he doesn't want to eat. and occasionally, just because? haha. sometimes I hear him in the back seat while i'm driving making the sniffing noise he makes along with this face. hilarious. He's doing to smiling version here. He knows he's being a stink and he thinks it's hilarious.

he gets his eye brows working a lot. this kid can scowl.

but oh he can smile and laugh too.

yes he made this mess ALL BY HIMSELF. 

he is convinced that he needs to spend the majority of his time standing now. usually at the couch. which doesn't have anything fun so he either just hits the couch or then he gets annoyed and whines. this is new. he has usually been very content. here's to hoping it's just a phase!