[the beginning of our eternity]


Well the past few months Kaulana and I have been TRYING to keep out little baby news a bit of a secret... we haven't been very good but here's our official post! WE'RE HAVIN A BABY! In the picture above i was 13 weeks and am now 14 weeks! I am due May 20! So here is how the story goes... A few months ago I was sitting at lunch at work when, Susan, the teacher that i work with opened a things of blackcherry jello. I was already a few people away, but boy did i scoot away! Everyone looked at me like... "what the heck are you doin". So i said sorry that just smells really bad to me! Susan and Angela both look at eachother and start laughing and go, you know this is exactly what you did last time you were pregnant! I was like no way I was sick like this last month and i was not pregnant! So we all laughed and they kept believing what they believed. Well i got home and decided what the heck i have a pregnancy test why not just take one just to get out of my head what they said... so i did.. and blink blink blink PREGNANT!!! I was like WHAT! haha... i took the above pic and made a sign for kaulana when he got home that said check out the first pic on the camera... he came running in so excited! We are very excited to be little parents! The last few months have been very challenging to say the least. I usually have thrown up at least once a day. My poor coworkers because i've called out sick at least once a week. On halloween we had a few friends over and i spent the evening throwing up in the bathroom and finally just had to go to sleep. But our first visit to the doctor was wonderful we got an ultrasound and got the see the babies heartbeat and it squirm all around. She said we were alright to start tellin everyone but we decided to wait until this last visit that we had. The babies heart beat is strong and it's just doin so great! I am now fourteen weeks, my dr has prescribed some medicine for the sickness and the baby is movin around like crazy says the dr! We are just so excited to share with all of you our wonderful news and would like to thank everyone for all that they do for us!