[the beginning of our eternity]

Our big news over the past month!

We have had quite the busy past month! First we had our anniversary which was wonderful! It's amazing to think back on our first year and see how fast it has flown by! It has been full of so much adventure and love! I am so very grateful for Kaulana and all he does for me! I never thought i could love him more than when we got married but my love has definitely grown a million fold this year as we have grown together and learned so much about each other!! Our anniversary day wasn't quite what we had planned but it was worth it. My brother and his girlfriend Dallen came down and we all went to phx with my mom and met up with my sister! We had so much fun! Kaulana and I spent the day on mill avenue searching through all the shops! I had pizza, ice cream, and i got to go out to dinner at olive garden. I was quite sick the next day from all the tomatoes but it was well worth it to have a stress free day with my sweetheart! I love him and i can't imagine how much our love will grow as we spend our lives together!
Next, we put up our christmas tree for the first time! We looked again this year and could not find a star that would suit our desires so we decided to wait to buy one yet again! And my mom has not gotten around to making our tree skirt so our tree looks a bit incomplete but as the years go by I am sure it will develop just as we imagine! I am so thanksful for this christmas season and the joy that it brings! I actually started listening to christmas music before halloween! One evening as i was driving to class i was listening to the josh groban christmas cd to the little drummer boy song and i actually started crying haha. I started laughing immediately once i realized and I called kaulana and we laughed together because this was another sure sign of my pregnancy! Oh what we do for our children! haha.
Kaulana and I had the opportunity to go to our little flagstaff Nutcracker performance and Audrey Auditorium. It was so much fun and quite a wonderful surprise from my sweetheart! Oh how I love how he spoils me!!!
Most importantly we found out WE'RE HAVING A BOY (as you can see his little legs and bum and right smack dab in the middle is EVERYTHING!)!!! The Doc said we could take a peak if we would like before our actual ultra sound appt with the technician that will take all the measurements. Little Kalamaku Clay akina was sure stubborn, he is already face down and stayed real still. My doc, bless her heart, was persistent for us and kept up the search. First we saw what MIGHT be his little parts but we wanted to be sure so she kept on the search and sure enough she found ALL OF THE PARTS! She laughed as she took a picture and said "ya know, i usually tell ppl to save all their receipts, but i definitely don't think that you need to!" She laughed and told us of having the same experience with her little boy! The look on kaulana's face when she said it was a boy was PRICELESS! I have never seen him so happy. He was so convinced it was a boy along with the majority of our friends! Sorry mom and lissa! Next time maybe i'll have a baby girl!!! My brother was absolutely extatic (as you can see we are naming our little one after him) he even yelled! We are so excited and can't wait to meet our little boy soon. I'm sure he is going to be just as stubborn as his mother since he loves to move around everytime I try to rest!!! Well next month we'll have better ultra sound pictures and we'll keep you up to date on our little man!


Well the past few months Kaulana and I have been TRYING to keep out little baby news a bit of a secret... we haven't been very good but here's our official post! WE'RE HAVIN A BABY! In the picture above i was 13 weeks and am now 14 weeks! I am due May 20! So here is how the story goes... A few months ago I was sitting at lunch at work when, Susan, the teacher that i work with opened a things of blackcherry jello. I was already a few people away, but boy did i scoot away! Everyone looked at me like... "what the heck are you doin". So i said sorry that just smells really bad to me! Susan and Angela both look at eachother and start laughing and go, you know this is exactly what you did last time you were pregnant! I was like no way I was sick like this last month and i was not pregnant! So we all laughed and they kept believing what they believed. Well i got home and decided what the heck i have a pregnancy test why not just take one just to get out of my head what they said... so i did.. and blink blink blink PREGNANT!!! I was like WHAT! haha... i took the above pic and made a sign for kaulana when he got home that said check out the first pic on the camera... he came running in so excited! We are very excited to be little parents! The last few months have been very challenging to say the least. I usually have thrown up at least once a day. My poor coworkers because i've called out sick at least once a week. On halloween we had a few friends over and i spent the evening throwing up in the bathroom and finally just had to go to sleep. But our first visit to the doctor was wonderful we got an ultrasound and got the see the babies heartbeat and it squirm all around. She said we were alright to start tellin everyone but we decided to wait until this last visit that we had. The babies heart beat is strong and it's just doin so great! I am now fourteen weeks, my dr has prescribed some medicine for the sickness and the baby is movin around like crazy says the dr! We are just so excited to share with all of you our wonderful news and would like to thank everyone for all that they do for us!

so my niece taryn is the dang cutest thing in the entire world! i just love her to pieces. At my brothers AZ homecoming party he was making her dance and it was HILARIOUS!! But the most precious thing was over conference weekened my sister and her little family came up to watch conference at my mom's house along with kaulana and i. During Holland's talk (which by the way Holland is ALWAYS my favorite, it's like the way he's speaking is just so strong and sure. it's amazing!) she went up and kept pointing to him on the tv when he was sutaining just how true the book of mormon is. It was just like she was confirming to me that what he was saying was true and we need to remember that. She's still just a little closer to heaven not being able to fully talk and so it was just a sweet moment that i thought i'd share!

And it all begins!

It's about time i get this thing up and going! Kaulana and i are excited to start blogging up a storm and getting to see our family and friends lives transform! We have had a busy summer and yet a busier start of the school year! We are enjoying seeing all the crazy surprises arise! Kaulana and i are currently both taking 15 credit hours. Kaulana is working at Derosa Physical Therapy and cleaning the Summit Health and Fitness Center. I am working in the Sensory and Communications at Sinagua High School and loving every crazy minute of every minute of every crazy day! We have been up to our ears in homework and only getting to see eachother on the weekends! Between my night classes on tuesday thursday and his on monday wednesday we are thrilled for the weekends! So much so, that we have been out of town for the past three weekends straight! We just can't get enough of driving in a car together! But we have really loved seeing so much family and friends and hope to live near more family soon!