[the beginning of our eternity]

talk about a fun weekend!

We have had just the most fun weekend if I say so myself!!! On thursday, Kaulana's girls played UH and held them off really well, it was such an exciting game! Then friday night we went to the play at BYU-hawaii, it was called Noises-off. Oh my goodness we were laughing so hard. It was pretty funny! And we even got to have Angel's Ice Cream after! YUM!Then saturday we went to Ala Moana shopping center. IT IS THE MOST AMAZING MALL I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! I was in heaven! I actually got to buy a new shirt! THANKS HUNNY! Ah it was so much fun and sooo exciting! I also got new shoes. Tom's are officially one of my new favorite shoes! They are so so comfortable! My husband sure spoiled me! He even took Kala so I could go crazy all on my own!! I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!!

P.S. I'm very jealous right now... in a "i'm so happy for you I want to cry because that's going to be the most amazing experience ever I hope I get to do that some day". My in-laws got tickets to be inside the Laie Hawai'i temple when it's being rededicated next sunday!!! Not to mention President Monson will be dedicating it and it's Kaulana and I's second anniversary next sunday. Oh my goodness... what lucky ducks!!

game time!

Doesn't he just look so handsome! haha Well this was the first pre-season type game... It was sure fun to see how happy and excited Kaulana was. He was in a whole other world. I have just loved watching him in this whole other part of him that I haven't gotten to see except for a couple times when he played city league in Queen Creek when we were dating. He is such a great coach and I'm sure proud of him. Here's to the first of many games this year! Go get 'em Seasiders!

our little monster!

So I've always called Kala our little monster... now he really is! Kaulana and Kala were playing and he was talking to him, and all of a sudden he was biting his nose! We were laughing so hard because sometimes he just goes forward and keeps his mouth open. But this time he was really BITING Kaulana. It was hilarious. We sure love our little man!
And this is by far the biggest snail I have ever seen in my entire life and it was right outside our door! Welcome to winter... it's called the rainy season...(you don't even need a jacket! haha)