[the beginning of our eternity]


We have been having lots of fun lately, and I have been very lazy with my blogging!!
We had a fun valentines day! My mother-in-law and sister-in-law heart attacked our door! so cute! I got the most beautiful flowers and had a yummy yummy dinner. My sweet husband planned a sweet picnic... but didn't plan for the rain so we grabbed a bite to eat at the grill and came home and watched movies and ate cheesecake!
Kalamaku's favorite thing about going to Dad's basketball practice is getting grandpa's whistle! We are trying to teach him how it works, but he just makes a sound instead of blowing it's just so cute!
My hubby let me go SHOPPING! YAY yay YAY! finally! and sweet kala boy got the brunt of it and was WORN OUT to say the least! he was crashed out before we even left the parking lot! It was definitely good to just have a little stress relief at the mall! LOVE LOVE LOVE
I have been excersising at the gym while kaulana is at practice and Kala just thinks he is in heaven. He cries everytime we leave and go home. He LOVES basketball and grandpa to say the least!
I went into town a couple weeks ago with my mother in law and we stopped at Jamba on the way home. what a treat. and Kala thought he was so big getting to hold the cup and attempt to get even the slightest bit out of the straw. He thinks he is just so big. and HE IS! AH!
Kala and daddy at cousins basketball games one saturday. Kala, once again is in heaven every time we are at the games.
And kala and daddy after Kaulana's teams game, watching the boys team, making a face at a very bad call haha. As you can see we are enjoying lots of basketball round here. Kala loves being on the court and playing with the balls. He is getting just so big!! I love my boys and I am so spoiled to have them in my life! Big changes are afoot, the season is over and we are anxious to see where we'll be for the next few years!! I love my sweet family and i couldn't dream of anything more!