[the beginning of our eternity]

Lake Powell Sun

Kaulana and I took a little trip up to lake powell! We enjoyed the seven hour drive BABYLESS! Crazy I know, but we have never left Kala besides going to the temple (an for a couple hours on our anniversary haha). We went to Bullfrog Marina and stayed on a houseboat with the Living Scriptures people, had great food, wakeboarding, surfing, tubing, good ol' relaxin' in the sun going on crazy purple slides in the middle of the night, and lots more! We had such a blast and were so sad it was such a short trip! We had so much fun just getting to spend time together without the little man. We have been so blessed!

Kaulana got to drive the houseboat out onto the lake. he was so proud of himself!

I could not ask for more...

Zoo Take Two and Shrine of the Sun

Since we hadn't used our Zoo passes we decided to drive up to Shrine of the sun (it's at the top of the Zoo) and stop and see a few of our favorite animals! It was a cool little place.

We just HAD to feed the giraffe's again. We tried to get kala to feed the giraffe a cracker and he made the funniest "eek" face. It was sooo fun!
Our second favorite, the Okapi!

This little guy is like 8 months old, he was just swinging around like crazy and trying to wake up his mom and dad to play. He was your typical little kid. We also got to see the hippos swimming around! We had lots of fun!

Temple Trip

Kaulana and I were fortunate enough to be able to drive up to Denver while in Colorado this summer to go to the temple! It was so beautiful! Three of the temple workers told us that we were the cutest couple! haha! I have never been told that, let alone three times! We had such a wonderful time and feel so blessed to have been able to go!

Pizza Boy

We ate at this little pizza place in Colorado Springs one day and i must say it was DELICIOUS! I love the little hole in the wall places! Kala sure loves his pizza! He had so much fun sitting on the bench next to mommy and daddy and chowin on his pizza. Talk about one happy little boy! He was in heaven!
(Telling us he was "all done"

One Happy pizza boy!

Pikes Peak

So one day my brother Clay and his wife Dallen invited Kala and I to go on a little drive with them to pikes peak while Kaulana was at work one day. What we thought would be a short half hour drive turned into a long afternoon adventure! Honestly, this place is one of Heavenly Father's tender mercies. It was honestly one of the most breathtaking places I have EVER seen in my ENTIRE life. The person who wrote "America the Beautiful" had actually just been to Pikes Peak and was inspired by it's beauty when they wrote the song. Honestly, breathtaking.

they had these doughnuts there, i didn't particularly like them, but they supposedly famous and they can't be made anywhere else because of the altitude!

The Great Outdoors

We were so fortunate to have been able to go hiking a few times in Colorado Springs after Kaulana got his awesome fathers day present, kala's hiking backpack! Kaulana would live outside if i'd let him. We hiked lower and middle columbine, as well as Helen Hunt Falls. Short but very beautiful hikes!!

Kala LOVES being outside just like his daddy! He just talks and talks the entire time we are hiking! It is hilarious! He is such a happy boy!