[the beginning of our eternity]

Say Cheese!

I was taking a picture of our sweet dog Lady, because sadly we need to get rid of her before we move into our new place in September. We love her so much and are sad to see her go but nonetheless here we are! So I asked her to sit so I could take a picture of her to post on facebook to see if anyone would be interested in bringing her home. After I snapped the shot, I looked up and saw Kala had also sat down and was saying "CHEESE". He is such a cute boy man I'm in love!

Chocolate... a love hate relationship

Looks like our sweet Benson doesn't like when this Momma eats chocolate. This is where the love hate is coming into play. Momma loves it, Benson boy hates it, and if Momma wants sleep, Momma can't have the chocolate. Sad day, I have been so excited not to be pregnant anymore because I've been able to eat sweets again and my celiacs hasn't been quite as severe. But Benson decided he had other plans. Kaulana just had to take a picture last night of this little incident. I had eaten a gluten free chocolate chip cookie, wondering if I could have just a bit of chocolate... WRONG. I cannot, sure enough this boy was throwing up all his milk and had the worst tummy ache. This was so funny though, Benson was passed out asleep propped up in my arm, his eyes start to flutter for a second as if he was trying to wake up, he threw up all his milk, and was passed right back out without even a peep. My poor little man just can't handle the good stuff right now. 

Swimming with the Cousins

We had a little swim party with the cousins yesterday at my step sister Tricia's house. Kala had so much fun swimming with Papa and Grandma. He is not a huge fan of swimming, but you would have never guessed yesterday. He was just a little fish! Being around cousins always makes him a bit more brave! It was so good to spend a little time with family. 

There have been four boys born into my family in the past 11 months. Ryker, Cannon, Cash and our little Benson. These boys are going to have so much fun together!


I am so madly in love with this man. Just look at him. He is the most amazing dad. I am the luckiest woman alive. 

A Little Grandma Time

The boys and I have had such a blast staying with my mom and step dad in flagstaff. Last night my mom was having a little Benson time and he was just mesmerized by her voice. It was the cutest dang thing. It's so fun watching him learn. He is just such a good baby. I have been so blessed with the two sweetest boys in the whole world I think! I am the luckiest momma alive!

A little Time at the Park

Well Kala has been having so much fun in flagstaff. He has been loving going to the park every day and going on walks with Grandma and Grandpa. Yesterday morning Kala was being a bit crazy and I decided we just had to get out of the house, so we headed to the park. Everytime we go to the park though, he wants to ride all the other kids bikes. So since this little man doesn't have a bike, he pushed around the stroller while following the boy with the bike. He thought he was pretty cool. Looks like we are going to be investing in a Strider for him for Christmas since his legs are just too short for a regular pedal bike! I sure love this little man.

plus one

Before i get started, i LOVE this picture haha, Kala was standing on the side of the bed and decided my belly was a seat. what a crack up, i love that boy.
 So here's Benson's Story
Saturday night (the 4th) I tossed and turned ALL NIGHT LONG. I was so uncomfortable and just felt so achey. Kaualana didn't get to bed until 2 sunday morning and I just couldn't seem to get back to sleep so I had a couple  random contractions then somehow magically fell asleep just after 3:40 then I woke up at 4:40 had a few random contractions fell asleep woke up at 5:40 started having contractions but they were just all over the place so I decided to go ahead and get ready for church since my aunt and uncle were here from Oklahoma and would be going to sacrament with us! I finished up my hospital bag, had Kaulana throw his things in as well just incase my contractions kept up and I would head to the hospital after sacrament. Well, a whole whopping three miniscule contractions during sacrament meeting and I was positive my body had stopped and I just decided to head to teach my primary class. We have singing time and sharing time first and I only had a few contractions. So I headed to teach my five year olds and then I started having contractions again. They started being five minutes apart. My sweet five year olds were so patient with me and were so reverent during our lesson. A blessing that's for sure. After church was over everyone seemed to keep asking me when I was going to have little Benson and I usually said something like "well I'm having contractions right now so we'll see!" and they would usually make a comment like "oh fun well maybe he'll come in the next week then!" and I don't know why that comment always shocked me, but i was ALWAYS thinking, "well hopefully today!" but I didn't want to jinx myself! haha. So once the hallway started clearing out I finally made it to the library to drop off the scissors I had borrowed I saw my friend Melissa and was talking to her and a few others started stopping and talking to us and I honestly don't remember what was said but we were talking about me having the baby sometime and everyone kept asking how they could help and I all of a sudden got overwhelmed and started crying, and I was just like "sorry, I just don't remember it hurting that bad", referring to the constant contractions I started having. Then we headed out to the car and then decided to call our "other family" the Shirley's to see if they could watch Kala, sure enough they said yes and we had forgotten to grab a change of clothes for Kala so we stopped on our way and grabbed some clothes for him. On our way back out we realized we had forgotten to pay rent so we ran back to the house and grabbed it, then I was having a huge contraction on our way out of the complex that we totally forgot to turn it in. So we were on our way to the Shirley's and thought maybe we could make a pit stop and have our friends the Tieks take it when all of a sudden it hits me. I need to get to the hospital...fast...haha. So we drop off Kala, Kaulana speeds to the hospital and he leaves the car running grabs a wheelchair for me, which I was SO embarrassed about because I felt so silly for not being able to walk, I thought I was just being such a baby compared to laboring with Kala, but there was no way I was going to be able to walk up. They were asking me questions and quickly got me into triage. I swear they were going to take forever and go so slow, but then they popped right into my room and checked me. The one nurse looks at the other with a concerned look on her face, "She's a 7-8, i just don't want to put too much pressure..." Hinting at "holy crap this girl is in active labor and her water is about to break!" So the nurse started asking me questions faster, getting my bracelets on and they wheeled me off to the delivery room.
just got the epidural, and they forgot to get my fingerprint... right before Dr. McNeal walked in
Before we even left the triage room they were calling the anesthesiologist so when we got to my delivery room (9 to be exact) they had me just sit straight up and they called the anesthesiologist again and he walked in got me done up with the epidural. So i layed down was just starting to feel the epidural a bit and my doctor (well the doctor the was going to deliver me, Dr. McNeal who happened to deliver 6 of my nieces and nephews) walked in and said she was going to break my water, I was kind of in a blur at this point because things just started going so.... smoothly fast. It was crazy, but I didn't feel crazy. I don't exactly know how to explain it. After she broke my water she checked me and said "wow you are a 10 plus 2!" (which is exactly what I was with Kala when I started pushing) "...so lets start pushing!" Well the epidural had definitely not started working yet so I was like HOLY COW THIS HURTS A LOT MORE THAN LAST TIME. I definitely wasn't laughing this time I just pushed through one contraction and felt ... like "are they just lying to me and saying he's right there and it's going to be one of those deliveries that I still need to push for another hour..." then another contraction started so I started pushing i started tearing up to cry and then I totally felt his head coming out... ouch... and i was like OK GO! and he was out halfway through the contraction.

first time holding sweet Benson
 Kaulana cut the cord and they laid him right on my chest. It all happened so fast I just felt so confused that I had this little baby in my arms. I kept telling myself this is Benson, he's here, you're supposed to get so overwhelmingly happy, this is Benson, He's here, get ecstatic... over and over. Then they took him to do his tests and clean him up. And as I watched him getting cleaned up, I was able to digest and just get so overwhelmed with joy and actually REALIZE, he's here! 
So from the time they hooked me up in triage at 12:40 and sweet Benson's arrival, was a whopping total of 61 minutes! My mom tried to make it but was about 20 minutes late. It's funny looking back, I never had consistent 2-3 minute contractions which is what I was supposed to have for an hour to two hours before i headed to the hospital. So contractions started up at 10:00 and he was here at 1:41. I never had small contractions just all monstrous ones. I was so blessed to have the prompting to go ahead and head to the hospital. Honestly when I look at the story it all seems so fast and crazy, but I have to say I had the most AMAZING nurses. Everything went just so smooth. It may have been fast but it all just flowed and I felt very calm and relaxed. I was so blessed. My entire stay at the hospital was so wonderful. My nurses were amazing, they all actually listened and were so considerate and sweet. 

Benson Nehoa Akina
August 5, 2012
1:41 pm
7 pounds 7.9 ounces
20 1/2 inches long
APGAR- 9 and 9
To say he loved his first bath is, DEFINITELY an understatement. He was in heaven, just begging for the nurse to keep going!

They said I needed to eat even though I was totally not hungry so I ordered a salmon salad and some grapes! It was definitely tastey!

Kala's first time holding Benson. He was just so sweet, the only reason he stopped holding him was so that my aunt could have a turn. Kala was so content just holding him and loving on him. And yes, Kaulana is still in his church clothes in this picture. He never had time to change until about 10 sunday night.

Kala was very unaware of why he could not be climbing all over mommy, but he was sure sweet the entire time he was visiting on Sunday.

snuggling daddy on monday morning

this little boy LOVES to suck. He was holding the binky in all by himself

Benson gave Kala a little car for being such a good big brother, Kala and Grandma Wood  brought Benson a cute snuggle.

Benson's first time in his carseat

catching his binkie, and trying to put it back in, bahaha

Kala is absolutely the sweetest big brother. He just wants to love on Benson all the time... kiss him, hold him, touch him, help in any way with him... though sometimes dangerous, it's very sweet. He sure loves his "bruber"

My recovery has been incredibly fast. I am already feeling so good. Still recovering but so much fast than with Kala. I don't feel like i'm in slow motion this time around. Which is very good since I have a two year old haha. But I have just been so blessed. My sweet mom has helped out so much and really made everything so much easier on us. 

I am just so in love with our new addition. Benson is just so sweet. I could not ask for more. I feel as if Benson was always a part of our family, I already can't imagine life without him.