[the beginning of our eternity]

THREE birthdays!

Yes I admit I am the LUCKIEST girl in the whole world! I got to blow out candles three times! I was sure spoiled this year! We'll start with Saturday (my actual birthday). Kaulana insisted on staying home from the basketball teams road trip to Utah and Arizona but I made him change that right around and made him go because I felt it was more important for him to fulfill his responsibilities! The thought of him choosing to stay was all that I needed! ha! So since he was away I was treated to a girls day with my sister in laws and mother in law! My mother in law made my current favorite breakfast german pancakes! Then we went to my niece and nephews basketball games then we went to lunch as Surfin' Tacos! Yum by the way! I found it a sweet tender mercy of the Lord because when I closed my eyes I felt as if i was in Mesa eating with my bestie Mary at Costa Vida! Then we went home and rested for a bit and then we got to go to Ono Yo, a frozen yogurt truck here in Kahuku. Yum! They even surprised me with candles and the book i've wanted for soooo long! President Thomas S. Monsons biography, To the Rescue (which is sooo good by the way!)Then sunday after church I went and picked up Kaulana and my father in law from BYUH and we headed to my in laws! We had such a yummy roast and homemade strawberry cupcakes (thanks hana!!!) and thus, the second time I got to blow out candles! We had so much fun just hanging out with the family and just to have my sweet hubby home!Last but not least, Monday my sweet husband surprised me with a "family home evening" (is what he disguised it as) at Buca di Beppo!! Ah I've wanted to go back ever since my brother and sister in law had a lunch there after their sealing! It is soooo good!!! It was sooo fun to get out and spend some time with my sweet hubby and little boy! Kala even made a friend! He was playing with this huge spoon and the little boy at the table next to us wanted to play too so Kala decided to share and hand him the spoon. So then we had to give him another spoon too because he just looked in awe as he watched the other boy play! haha they were so funny! Then I got to go shopping and get another pair of toms!!!! OOOH I AM SO SPOILED!
My mom gave me this book who had heard it was so good from one of her friends and she couldn't find the books I had wanted so she just got this! IT'S AMAZING to say the least. It has literally changed my life and I am only half way through! I have learned so much about myself! It was literally another answer to prayers! Oh the tender mercies of the Lord! I bet most of you are saying "oh joy, just another one of those self help books!" nope! it's more! I would reccomend it to ANYONE! It's amazing!

I haven't started this book yet since I've been busy reading the other two but I heard from a friend (mary!) that it was a must read so I thought I would share! Well, I have been so spoiled! It feels so good to be 22! I got so many fun things but most of all as I look back on all the festivities I could never have imagined my life at 22 being filled with so much love and happiness! I am sooo grateful for all my family and friends and for the blessing that they are to me in my life! Thanks everyone for such a wonderful birthday!