[the beginning of our eternity]

Fall has Arrived

Fall has FINALLY arrived here in the valley. THANK HEAVENS! The weather has been absolutely wonderful the past week! Kaulana got free tickets to a "petting zoo" which turns out to be much more than just a petting zoo! it was like a fall PALOOZA or something!! We had such a good time jumping on this weird/awesome jumper thing, milking a fake cow, riding a pedal car, "horse" races, and barrel rides! Kala liked the pedal cars and the barrel ride the best! He cried when we got off the pedal cars and while we were riding the barrel ride all the teenagers were yelling "WOOOO HOOO" so Kala said it right along with him and drove the wheel the ENTIRE time. it was sooooo cute! I just can't believe how big my sweet boy is getting. What a joy he is. He brightens each and every day! I sure love this time of year and am getting sooo excited for all the wonderful holidays to come!

The pictures below are just some random pictures from the past month! I love all of our adventures!


We had a super fun October! We carved pumpkins with out friends the Tiek's and had sooo much fun the week after trick-or-treating!
Kala was a dinosaur this year! He kept running away from me every time i tried to get a picture so this is all we got! Kala LOVED trick-or-treating! He walked to entire time holding my hand and his pumpkin in the other hand! Every time someone would let him pick, he would put the first in his pale then go back for a second. haha. Everyone thought he was so cute so they always let him. Haha! He was hilarious. he was sooooo excited to get home and eat that candy though!