[the beginning of our eternity]

Library Time

The summer library program has begun and we are lucky enough to have the Tieks willing to take us with them! Kala and Evie had such a blast! Kala did so good at copying all the bigger kids on how to sit, run, or whatever he was supposed to do. They had so much fun singing songs, dancing to the music, waving the parachute, and making fun crafts!

Summer is HERE!

We have jumped into summer full force. Kala is loving every minute in the sun. This last monday we went to the San Tan splash pad with a bunch of friends. Kala had such a blast and was completely worn out to say the least. We are so lucky to have such fun friends here in Mesa!

After the kids were done playing in the water they wanted to play on the play ground. Evie and Kala thought it would be nice to relax on these chairs. They are so hilarious together. They play off of each other like no other. So lucky to have such good friends!