[the beginning of our eternity]


I can't believe my sweet baby boy is already seven months old!!!! He hates the idea of crawling. I gets so confused that we are trying to get him to crawl when he is watching everyone else, including his cool cousin kihei walk! It's hilarious. He loves to eat. He loves to drink water only out of our glass and not if it's his. He loves balls and he loves to be walking and going going going! He is such an active little guy! He has the sweetest laugh, is always happy and loves to jabber, particuluarly during times that are quiet... Like when we are at church during sacrament or when someone is praying. I just say that he wanted to pray too. haha. We love our sweet baby boy and can't believe he is getting so big!

Two years (and one month haha) of bliss!

We had such a wonderful anniversary! Kaulana made me breakfast while I got ready for school... which included BACON! yum! Then he surprised me a school with roses. That night we got to go into town (while momma akina watched our sweet little boy!). He surprised me and took me to a place called Dukes. It's right on the main strip in Honolulu. We walked around a bit while we waited for our table to be ready. I must say it was well worth the wait because our view and our dinner were AMAZING to say the least! We looked out over the ocean/beach and our dinner to die for! There were people that walked around and sang hawaiian songs to you and played their ukulele's and stuff. When they came to our table they sang us a sweet song called "lei of stars" for our anniversary. It was so sweet! Then to top it all off, i must say that we had one of the most wonderful desserts I have ever had in my entire life!!!! It was called hula pie!!! Yum.... Now this was all on friday because Kaulana had a basketball game off island the day before. But on Sunday we celebrated the most wonderful actual anniversary as we went to the Laie Hawaii Temple Rededication (which my sweet husband got me a fresh lei to wear to!). It was such a wonderful feeling to be part of the temple exactly two years later even though it was a sunday. I can't believe it's been two wonderful years. Time has flown. Particularly this last year. We have been so blessed with so much love and devotion. I wouldn't dream of being anywhere else in the entire world at this time! Below is just a modge podge of all our fun!

talk about a fun weekend!

We have had just the most fun weekend if I say so myself!!! On thursday, Kaulana's girls played UH and held them off really well, it was such an exciting game! Then friday night we went to the play at BYU-hawaii, it was called Noises-off. Oh my goodness we were laughing so hard. It was pretty funny! And we even got to have Angel's Ice Cream after! YUM!Then saturday we went to Ala Moana shopping center. IT IS THE MOST AMAZING MALL I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! I was in heaven! I actually got to buy a new shirt! THANKS HUNNY! Ah it was so much fun and sooo exciting! I also got new shoes. Tom's are officially one of my new favorite shoes! They are so so comfortable! My husband sure spoiled me! He even took Kala so I could go crazy all on my own!! I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!!

P.S. I'm very jealous right now... in a "i'm so happy for you I want to cry because that's going to be the most amazing experience ever I hope I get to do that some day". My in-laws got tickets to be inside the Laie Hawai'i temple when it's being rededicated next sunday!!! Not to mention President Monson will be dedicating it and it's Kaulana and I's second anniversary next sunday. Oh my goodness... what lucky ducks!!

game time!

Doesn't he just look so handsome! haha Well this was the first pre-season type game... It was sure fun to see how happy and excited Kaulana was. He was in a whole other world. I have just loved watching him in this whole other part of him that I haven't gotten to see except for a couple times when he played city league in Queen Creek when we were dating. He is such a great coach and I'm sure proud of him. Here's to the first of many games this year! Go get 'em Seasiders!

our little monster!

So I've always called Kala our little monster... now he really is! Kaulana and Kala were playing and he was talking to him, and all of a sudden he was biting his nose! We were laughing so hard because sometimes he just goes forward and keeps his mouth open. But this time he was really BITING Kaulana. It was hilarious. We sure love our little man!
And this is by far the biggest snail I have ever seen in my entire life and it was right outside our door! Welcome to winter... it's called the rainy season...(you don't even need a jacket! haha)

tigger-riffic halloween!

We had a fun little fall festival with a couple wards in Kahuku at the park across from our house! Kala was pretty out of it but he was sure such a good boy... but then again when is he not. Everyone thought he was just SO DANG CUTE! I must say I agree! Kaulana and I had no idea what to be and realized we had NOTHING since we left so much in arizona... so we threw together whatever randomness that we could!

The day before i decided to get festive for my class presentation and i made PUMPKIN COOKIES. everyone LOVED them and were raving about them all class and couldn't believe i actually made them myself.
my niece kili just wanted to take a picture with kala soooo bad!
we had so much fun trying to eat doughnuts off of a string at the festival.. Kaulana got the WHOLE DOUGHNUT in his mouth at once and just yanked off the string... he was pretty proud of himself!

Kihei and Kala are just the best of buds!
We had so much fun and were glad to enjoy the festivities for the weekend!



So yesterday, I was sitting eating some lunch (a late lunch I might add) outside of my father in laws office enjoying the beautiful weather waiting for my sweet husband to bring me the bebe. As I did so I watched all of the basketball girls assemble awaiting basketball practice. Some were joking, some were playing the ukulele and some were play fighting. They were all just strengthening relationships. It made me a bit, jealous... or i guess just sad. It made me miss being a part of a team. As I sat reminiscing on the days of being a cheerleader and the friendships I made. But then I came to a sudden realization. I am part of a team. Just a new team... the best kind of team... an eternal team. That team is my family. I am building a team that will last for eternity. That's a pretty great kind of team. I am grateful for my new team and the relationships that I am forming that will last an eternity...

the adventures of the weekend

Kalamaku was so tired while we were waiting for daddy to get home from basketball practice on friday night that he fell asleep playing with his toys in his little high chair. I'm sure this is only the first of many times that he'll fall asleep in his high chair. oh goodness what a sweetheart!
Yes, we FINALLY got to get shave ice from MATSUMOTO'S. YUM! and yes i mean shave ice, not SHAVED. We went to my nephew Kawika's soccer game in Haleiwa and so we just couldn't resist!
Kalamaku was jealous that he didn't get any, he watched our spoons go back and forth from our mouths. But he sure LOVED to play with his auntie, uncle and cousins. Kili just loved to play with him and not really eat her shave ice. Oh how she enjoys mauling him, it's hilarious and he's getting used to it now it's pretty funny to watch.
Kaulana, Kala and I also went to the Pearl Ridge mall. We were just dying because all the little kid stores had all sorts of snow hats and long sleeves.... no short sleeves... all long sleeves. We were quite confused since, yes we are still wearing shorts, and yes we will continue to wear shorts the entire time we are in Hawaii... for the next year. Meaning no we will never wear long sleeves. haha. But we just loved this hat, if only we could have somewhere to wear it, so kaulana wouldn't let me buy it. haha. we sure had fun though. We had such a fun little weekend! I love me sweet family.

moments of gratitude...

Have you just been overwhelmed with such gratitude. Well this is one of these times. So excuse me for just a moment but I need to share before I just burst! Have you ever felt that the Lord is just molding you. I feel like a ball of clay right now being molded. I know that so much of the time we wonder why everything is happening that is happening. Well today was not one of those days. Today was the day that I figured out one of the steps and reasons for those little things that have been happening. I am so very grateful for the Lord and for the experiences that he places in front of me in my life. I know with all my heart, that I have been sent here to be a mother and a wife. To create and strengthen my family... my eternal family. I am so very grateful for that and for the opportunity that I am given each and every day to fulfill that duty that I have been given. It’s funny when we are going along and trying to do what we feel we are supposed to do and are trying to figure out which things are truly from the Lord and which things are satan trying to pick and pry into our lives. Well today was one of those days where I truly know that I am following the spirit and that I am not crazy like everyone seems to make me feel sometimes. I love my heavenly father and I want nothing more than to return to him one day with my family along side me and hear the words come from his mouth “welcome home”. For I am giving my all to be a faithful and diligent servant. I love my heavenly father so much. I am so very grateful for the atonement and the peace that it brings to me in my life. I know that temples are the house of the Lord and that we can be sealed together as families for time and all eternity. I just can’t wait for the Laie Hawaii temple to be rededicated so that Kaulana and I can once again go and feel of the absolute peace...

our little sports lover...

"what is he so intently watching?" you may ask...
Well i'll tell you... SPORTS! anytime anything sports is on the tv at grandma and grandpa akina's house Kala has to turn over spin in circles, or do whatever he has to do just to be able to see the tv! Our little boy LOVES to watch sports. We'll see if he really loves sports that much when he gets bigger! He is such a funny thing

that looks GOOD!!

Kalamaku is so funny. He loves food. He always watches every single bite we take, it's like he's saying... PLEASE SHARE DADDY. haha we just had to video it!


So we FINALLY got a new camera so we can take pictures of all the fun things that we've been up to and be able to "DOCUMENT" our sweet baby growing!! Thanks to my sweet sister in law Ku'ulei for helping us pick the very best one!!! We are soooo excited for our new little toy!!! Yay! The picture of Kaulana is driving home from best buy... it's a long drive home to Kahuku from best buy so I just had to dig it out!

Kala boy IDOLIZES his cousin Kihei to say the least. He just can't wait to be up and playing with him. He watches every movement he makes as he plays ball or even just walks around the room. It's hilarious! It's like they talk to each other without even having to use words. my goodness they are so fun to watch!

He is such a good baby. We are just so lucky. I have a feeling he is going to love sports. He has to do everything possible to get his eyes on the tv as soon as a sports game is turned on, even if he has to completely turn his head upside down! We watched Kaulana coaching one of his girls last week and Kala just watched the ball... back and forth back and forth. It was just so funny how concentrated he was on the ball. He has been quite the ROLY-POLY these days.

I am just so so lucky to have two wonderful boys in my life! I don't know what I would do without them! They are sure sweethearts. oh... and i'm dang lucky to have such a HOT husband. Man I'm sure a lucky girl! haha

update: HAWAII

Well, WE'VE MOVED! I know I know it's been almost a month since we've been here but things are CRAZY! Kalamaku was such a good boy on our long flight over, he ended up sleeping for 4 of the 6 hours of the flight! Kala likes his feet in the sand, he just doesn't like the tricky washing off of the sand afterward!

We are loving our new little place that we are renting from kaulana's brother Alan!! It is small but sooo perfect for us!! We have only found two roaches... yuck... but i must say we have been taken over by gecko's (and if you don't know they are actually supposed to be good luck because they are supposed to eat roaches and ants and stuff!) we have three that we know of, we have named them larry, curly and mo. haha we love our gecko's... sad thing is we have only seen one the past week and something has been eating kala's rubber spoons and nipples for his bottles and actually chewed a quarter size hole in an unopened bag of chips.... AAAAAAH.... i don't do good with this yucky bug/rodent stuff.... other than that we are loving our own little place again even though we spend the majority of the time with kaulana's family up the street.
Kala is getting so so big! He has started eating rice cereal and some veggies and fruit! He sure loves to eat!! This was his first time eating! We had his fourth month check up yesterday CAN YOU BELIEVE HE IS ALREADY OVER FOUR MONTHS??? yikes.

WEIGHT: 15 lbs.
HEIGHT: 24.5 in.

He loves to smile and brighten everyone's day. Momma Akina always calls him "the miracle baby". haha he is such a sweet heart and we are loving every minute with him! Sadly, but good at the same time, I have started back to school and Kaulana has started being the stay at home mom then we switch when he goes to coach! Man my schedule is insane and I have nonstop homework. I must say Kala sure has the biggest smile to give me when i get home each day so at least he still loves me. It has been a challenge pumping and getting him to take a bottle and nurse but as soon as he figured out how to eat out of a bottle he has been such a champ. man we are so lucky! We sure love our boy and I have no idea how i could do this going back to school stuff without such a wonderful baby boy!

Right before we left to hawaii my wonderful brother got married. It was so much fun being together with my brother and sister. Kaulana, my bro Clay and my bro in law Clay sure had a blast on clay's last night as a bachelor. I love family. I am sure missing my family in Arizona but we are also having such a blast spending more time with Kaulana's. I don't know what we would do without either side. We are sure loved and blessed by our wonderful family.

the craziness of our lives!

we have been busy busy busy this summer! We have been the Las Vegas for kaulana's brother and sister in law's sealing. Loved the vegas temple. It was definitely such a good experience. We were so grateful for kaulana's aunt for watching our little guy so that we were able to go. She was such a blessing to us! We have been up to st. george and the cedar city a few times for lots of things! One of which was my sister in law's baby shower. In which kaulana and i were introduced to capriotti's! ooooh yum! talk about an amazing sub place! if you are ever in the st. george area make sure and stop by! we have also enjoyed lots of family here in flagstaff and have had just such a wonderful summer! here are a few updates on kalamaku! kalamaku's favorite way to sleep is to be swaddled then to have an extra blanket tucking him in like a little burrito! it is basically the only way he'll stop flapping his arms and making them go crazy!!! he is starting to take much better naps now that he is relaxing!! woo hoo!!
Well the big news of the month, WE ARE MOVING TO HAWAII! Yikes! Kaulana will be the assistant coach at BYU Hawaii along side his dad for the girls basketball team. He is sooooo sooo soooo excited, and that is very much an understatement. I will be going back to school, which is very good but I sure don't know how i'm going to leave my sweet little guy! Daddy is going to be the favorite now! Jealous haha. We are sure blessed and it will be a very good experience for our sweet little family. I sure don't know how I'm going to leave this place I have called home for so long. On sunday i happened to let myself think of it and it hit me just as i was bearing my testimony in sacrament meeting, talk about a ball baby! I just try not to think about the leaving and try to think about the being near Kaulana's family. The day after we decided to head out there, I decided kala needed to get ready for the change so he got to wear his surfer outfit and i just went and bought his first official swimsuit!

our trip to St. George to throw Dallen her bridal shower! Clay (my brother) was sure jealous kala was hitting on "his girl" haha. love you clay.
Among the many mixed emotions I am feeling right now because of everything that is going on and changing in our lives, I am so grateful for the way kalamaku just makes my heart smile. It reminds me of how no matter what it will all be ok because I feel of the sweet spirit that he has. I just love being a mom and am loving every smile, sound and all the fun faces and sounds he makes when he's talking to me.

Well I know I'm a bit late because kalamaku is almost three months old but here are his two month stats
Weight: 11 lbs 14 oz (50th percentile)
Height: 24 in long (75th percentile!)
we are super stoked we don't have a shrimper on our hands haha and just can't beleive how fast he is growing!!! He loves to talk, kick, stand, smile, he has found his tongue and thinks it's so funny when i stick my tongue out, he gets the biggest eyes when he's really intrigued and he is just the sweetest, best baby i could have ever hoped for!

Kala Boy

Kalamaku's second day at church but first church outfit (since his first was his blessing outfit!) He did sooo good at his first full day of church!! Even though he fussed a bit in the morning, he was a champ all throughout church. He was just so content at checking out his new surroundings!! I'm just so lucky to have such wonderful boys! I love them!