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I love to see the temple...

We absolutely enjoyed the Mesa Arizona temple lights this year. Kalamaku was absolutely mesmerized by all of the lights! It was so much fun, especially since we went with our great friends the Tiek's. We are so excited to enjoy this family tradition while we are here in Arizona. We are so blessed to be so close to the temple.

oh christmas tree

Kala was so much fun while putting up the Christmas tree this year. He was so sweet and LOVED all the lights. I know it may not seem like a big deal but he is just getting so big it is so much fun!

We really enjoyed having all of "our" Christmas decorations again this year.

Caribbean Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was a bit different for kaulana and I! Kaulana and I had the opportunity to go on a cruise with Living Scriptures to the Caribbean! We had such a blast and made so many wonderful new friends! First we drove to salt lake, had a lay over in Georgia, then flew onto Puerto Rico. We loaded there then sailed through the night to St. Croix. It was Sunday in St. Croix so we headed off to church! It was honestly Kaulana's favorite "experience" because he got to teach the sunday school class for the three youth in the ward. The next day we arrived at St. Kitts, where we embarked on our first adventure as a group. We rode mopeds around the island and had an absolute blast as we were poured on and as the sun shined! All the islanders thought it was pretty crazy to see 15 mopeds with 28 people riding them! We enjoyed our favorite beach from the entire trip, with the biggest waves Kaulana and I had ever been in. We saw lots of cool things and enjoyed every minute. Next we headed to dominica which was our absolute favorite island! We enjoyed a fun morning on the beach, a beautiful cave/fall that a part of the second Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed then lastly beautiful falls that one is heated by a volcano while the others are freezing cold, when they cross they create the most wonderful natural hot springs. Beautiful. Amazing. Next we headed to Grenada where we experienced the hike of a lifetime! It had rained all day the day before, creating a very muddy very steap, very slippery hike. Ha it was such a blast! We did make it back to see some of the "seven sisters" (the falls) ...eventually. The next day was thanksgiving so the ship cruised on back up towards St. Thomas where we spent our last full day snorkeling (which i had NEVER DONE), playing volleyball, sipping smoothies, and swimming in the rain! Snorkeling was incredible there were so many different kinds of fish and soooo many. It was absolutely incredible. We were so lucky to have met so many new people as well as my opportunity to learn so much more about celiacs from someone who has learned about it over the past 11 years. What an incredible experience. We are so lucky to have been part of such a wonderful experience!
leaving the dock
unforgettable dinners with shane and laura

scootering around st. kitts

the hike of a lifetime

swimming in the rain

the crew
the best beach ever!

church in st. croix