[the beginning of our eternity]

29 wks 5 days

well the doctor says baby is doing WONDERFUL!!! he sure likes to nestle his head right down in my pelvis! She was like "where the heck is his head!?!?!" and i was like well every ultrasound he was down in my pelvis so they couldn't get the head shot and she was like WOW it really is way the heck down there! haha. Other than that she said he's about 2 and a half pounds now and looks like he is growing just right since my stomach is 30 cm and i'm about 30 weeks. My coworkers all laugh bc from behind they say you could never tell i was pregnant beside my waddle. He is just stickin straight out in the front! I know you are all anxiously awaiting another picture but i am just waiting to be able to load it up and have the time! With all the more snow we have been getting i have not been able to have a car to get on over to my mom's since we no longer have the internet! (I am currently at work an hour early and can use the comp here!) But i am truly enjoying feeling Kalamaku's movements more and more each day. It is such an incredible thing that is for sure. Well i better get to work! I'll post a picture very soon!