[the beginning of our eternity]

snow... snow... AND MORE SNOW!

It has definitely been a crazy week! Kaulana started it off cutting lots and lots of wood for our fireplace so that we could make sure and keep warm during the storm, turns out we spent the whole week at my mom's house and didn't even use ANY of the wood! But I sure do appreciate my little lumberjack! We got sooo much snow to say the least! Working at the school district, it seemed like I had yet another christmas vacation! I did not leave the house for four days! by friday Kaulana was practically kicking me out of the house because I was being a little crazy! He said I needed to take a walk and breathe fresh air to become sane again! haha so i did and it was very beautiful, as long as we were not driving in it! My sweet mom and step dad were so wonderful for having us over for the entire week, and they sure appreciated all of Kaulana's help shoveling the driveway at their house each day! I guess we both got a bonus out of it! For church on sunday we had to leave early sunday morning from my mom's house and shovel a path up to our garage so that we could get all of our church clothes and things! Thank heavens for snow shovels! Kaulana i'm sure would love if he did not have to see another snow shovel considering the fact that he shoveled all week long and then took a job on saturday shoveling the snow off of the roof of Home Depot. We were sure blessed he was asked about that job though considering all the work we missed last week. It's amazing all the little things the lord does for each and every one of us! Kaulana also got to go hunting with my step dad this past week! I think they were hunting for coyote's or something but they did not end up seeing any but Kaulana got to shoot this poor little rabbit. My step dad is not stepping on the poor thing he is just covering up its guts considering kaulana shot it with a pretty powerful gun! My mom was sad that he didn't bring it home for dinner! YUCK! I guess she's had rabbit and says it tastes wonderful. I told her that i don't think that, that was something i would enjoy trying while being pregnant! Sunday afternoon we finally took down our christmas tree! woo hoo! Everytime that i have previously tried to take down the christmas stuff my sweet husband would quote the song from forgotten carols saying "i cry everytime i take the tree down". haha so this time i didn't ask and while he was shoveling the driveway i took it into my own hands to take down our pretty tree! Kaulana took down the actual tree part and was practicing his "flagstaffness" and was trying to be a "tree hugger" haha. We were both laughing pretty hard when he was doing this. I am so grateful for a husband that makes me laugh each and every day!

23 Weeks!

Here is the long awaited picture that everyone has been asking about!

I am 23 weeks in this pic. Kaulana and I are slowly starting to accumulate things for Kalamaku. We are just so excited to be parents. Yesterday I layed in bed sick once again and just pondered on the fact that in just 17 weeks we will get to be holding our little guy. I just can't imagine what joy and what trials are in store for our future. Kaulana and I sat thinking about what our future holds and what all of our sweet children will look like and what they will be like. We just can't wait. Saturday, Kaulana was at the kitchen sink and broke out in laughter. We were listening to music and a country song came out about playing football on saturday afternoon with the kids and he pictured it perfectly, of course with my sweet brother in the picture and his kids. He was all they're gonna say "Us kids against Uncle Clay and dad!" Kaulana just got the sweetest smile on his face as the excitement truly kicked in. We have figured out that cutting sweets out of my diet helps me be soooo much less sick and we are so grateful because i can now count on one hand how many times i have thrown up in the past month! We also concluded that i LOOOOOVE bacon! About a month before christmas I just started craving BACON! For christmas Kaulana actually got me a few packs of bacon which were completely gone just a few weeks later. I am so happy to have found something that i find so yummy and that DOESN'T MAKE ME SICK! Bacon is heaven sent in my book! I will truly always thank heavenly father for bacon! I had my official ultra sound a week ago and mr kalamaku is doing WONDERFUL! He is perfect size but was a bit shy to show his entire face so we have to go back in another week and try again. It has been so fun for me to feel his growth since each and every day i feel him kick and squirm more and more! It is such a treat to be able to watch my stomach "bounce". I have to say that it has been the most rewarding, if not the only part of pregnancy that I have enjoyed! Thank goodness for the little things!!! I am so excited as time gets closer! I am so nervous to be a mother but I know that I am so lucky to have such a wonderful opportunity! I am just so grateful for the gospel in my life and the strength that it gives me, I don't know how I would feel about bringing something so precious into such a sin driven world if I did not have the gospel to help guide me and teach me righteous ways in which to raise my little ones. I am so thankful for the little things in life that make such a huge impact like prayer, the scriptures, and the temple.