[the beginning of our eternity]

Hawaiian Christmas: The Beach

Yay for Benon's first official time at the beach. It rained for the first few days the boys and I were in Hawaii so we were itching to get out of the house. Even though the sun wasn't really shining, it was sure nice to feel the sand beneath my feet!
Kala was sooooo excited to go to the beach. The wind and cold didn't even phase him.

...but when he biffed it ten minutes after getting there, he decided he wasn't so excited.
haha I sure love this boy.

Hawaiian Christmas: The Flight

Lets just say I was nervous for our flight to hawaii. Very nervous.

a two year old
a four month old
and me. 
just me.

I tried to prepare well. I packed what felt like a million things for Kala to do on the flight. coloring, cars with a track, movies, games on the tablet, books, I'm sure there were other things i just can't remember. I thought I was prepared. 

I carried benson in the Bjorn so that I wasn't having to navigate a stroller, Kala, and our carry-ons.

I loaded the airplane first.

I got us all situated.

Benson was hungry. But I was trying to hold him off so that he would eat while we were taking off so his ears wouldn't hurt. He was really fussy. crying. not loud. but was crying. I kept getting the nastiest looks as everyone started loading onto the plane. i kept saying. "He's really a happy baby, he's jut hungry. Don't worry he's really a happy baby." I think it was more for myself than for everyone else. Thinking in my head the entire time. Please be happy. Please don't cry the whole flight. Please just be hungry. Please be happy...

Ya, kala went through everything in the first half hour... besides the movies, which decided not work. awesome. He was on a crazy over energized high from getting woken up so early. This kid was going a million miles an hour in a tiny airplane seat. I kept looking at my clock. "ok only 6 more hours."...." Ok only five hours and 55 minutes.".... "Ok only five hours and 47 minutes."... get the gist? 

At least Benson wasn't screaming! He was being relatively good but was very upset with kala for waking him up.

I kept trying to get kala to close his eyes and take a nap. Ya that wasn't happening. He was on an airplane full of fun!

Finally, yes an hour and a half before landing, I looked him in the eyes and said "YOU HAVE GOT TO LAY DOWN, RELAX, AND CLOSE YOUR EYES". he took an hour nap and Benson finally got to nap as well.

When we got off that flight I just kept thinking in my head. WE MADE IT. IT'S OVER. WE MADE IT. IT'S OVER! Heaven.

Ugly Sweater Party

It is definitely not Christmas without an ugly sweater party. For some reason I don't have a picture but dang some of our friends really got into it. Kudos to them. I definitely had a million things going on and FORGOT to get to goodwill/savers. My goal this year. Find them by july. The kiddos got to decorate "christmas trees". Kala thought that was AWESOME. and he thought it tasted awesome too. The adults made gingerbread houses. Lets just say, Kaulana and I's rocked. We made a trailor trash house. Equipped with tires on the roof and all. We were proud of our creativity.

Benson and christian are 5 and a half weeks apart. They already love eachother.
Kala and Evie had to get in on the action, they were feeling a little left out. best friends across the board. We sure love the Tieks.

PT Family

(Yes I realize it's almost april. And Yes I am posting about christmas. As well as everything inbetween. I have been super busy but this is how I like to keep record of what we've been up to! So without further ado... I will have lots of posts. Particularly about christmas.)
We had a fun Christmas party with our PT family. The kids did a gift exchange with cereal. Kala cried when we started wrapping the cereal we picked out for the party so we had to find another unopened box in our pantry to trade (fruity pebbles... there's no way he was giving those away haha). They were all super excited. The adults all did a white elephant gift exchange. We had a good time. Yes I kept stealing everyone's gifts. Makes it more fun right?

He ate cereal like three times a day until his was all gone. Reese's Puffs... definitely a hit.

the guys trying to get a picture with their kids.... half the kids are there the other half aren't.... communication with that many kids is definitely difficult haha

yet again we tried a kid picture. kala once again looking around confused at the array of laughs and screams and cries. and benson. serious. shocker haha.

we are so grateful for our PT family