[the beginning of our eternity]

follow the leader

Kalamaku loves being his own little man and walking all by himself through the field to the park, and miss Harlee (my brother and sister-in-laws dog) had so much fun chasing his feet!

Kalamaku made a new friend at the park! The little boy was three but he sure wanted to play with Kala and Kala was THE MAN. He was just like ya whatever i'll play with you and your toys and I'll swing with you. He kept right up. Him and the other boy seemed like long time friends. Oh boy.
Kala was sure kickin' back and relaxin' in the swing havin a blast, clinging onto his rock for dear life. Every rock he found, he had to investigate to see if it was good or not, and he would decide whether he needed to throw it, or keep it for a while till he found a better one. haha. Love that boy!

Gone Mining

For our weekly activity a couple weeks ago we went to the Molly Kathleen Gold Mine. It was pretty interesting! We had lots of fun!
(The crew! Dave, Kaulana and Kala, Me, Mitch, Clay and Dallen!)
(The Beautiful country!)

(Kaulana and Clay pretending to be trapped when they left the door open haha)

(This is the little elevator to go all of the 1,000 feet down... it was meant for 9 men and their lunch pales! we only had 6!)

We had lots of fun and are enjoying all of our adventures!


We got to go swimming for the first time this summer since we left Hawaii. First Kala screamed and held on for dear life. He warmed up real quick and was splashin around! What a little water boy!
Kala is getting sooo good at using his fork. He is very persistent and very stubborn and independent!!
I love this little guy!

Done did the 'Dew

(On to the top)

(dun dun dun! presenting the finished product KALAMAKU!)

We sure had fun giving Kalamaku his very FIRST haircut! He was SO GOOD! At first he didn't understand what Daddy (Kaulana) was putting on his head and as soon as he got to invesitage the hair cutters he was all smiles! Well... stares as he watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! I don't know how I got so lucky with such a wonderful little boy. I can't believe he's just SO BIG!

The Ancient Ones

So Kaulana, Kala and I went on a little adventure thursday morning and went and drove around Garden Of the Gods. Talk about BEAUTY. My goodness we are so blessed to be able to spend our summer in Colorado Springs area.
We also went to the Cliff Dwellings of the Anasazi. All I can say is wow. It's amazing to see so much culture preserved all these years. These people were so smart! My goodness it's incredible to experience their architecture and life first hand.

(Besides all the rocks and dirt, Kalamaku's favorite part was seeing these HUGE dogs! Their owners said they weighed 125 pounds! That's as much as me! What!?!?! Kalamaku was not scared one big! He went right up and gave them a kiss! What a cute little boy!)

Our Little Character

(Everytime I would push him he would get the biggest grin and go EEEEH!)

(Spaghetti face boy!)
Funny story of the week... I was reading this little book to Kalamaku this week. And its a big board book with just lots of pictures of animals and the names of the animals. So as we were reading over the pet page with a big picture of a dog, Kalamaku decided he just needed to give it a big ol' kiss! haha. I was like "aw that was so nice to give the doggy a kiss" and so then he proceeded to give it another kiss. Sure enough every page we turned after that he had to kiss at least one of the animals. After we made it through the book I tried to switch to another book and he REFUSED and HAD to keep kissing all of the animals! Oh how I love my sweet little kissy kissy boy!

Happy Happy Unbirthday!

So this fabulous summer while Kaulana is working his little booty off the wives were given the challenge of this "degree of excellence program". As I read through some of the goals, I laughed... HYSTERICALLY to say the least. One of the goals was to "have a birthday party, even if it was nobody's birthday"! So that's just what we did! We had a little "unbirthday" for my brother Clay. haha. It was also a surprise.. and I would say he was surprised to say the least! He was... confused the ENTIRE night. Haha. But he sure enjoyed getting to have his favorite german chocolate cake! Yum! We are having such a blast out here and are enjoying all the fun times and laughs together!
(hence the confusion)