[the beginning of our eternity]

the craziness of our lives!

we have been busy busy busy this summer! We have been the Las Vegas for kaulana's brother and sister in law's sealing. Loved the vegas temple. It was definitely such a good experience. We were so grateful for kaulana's aunt for watching our little guy so that we were able to go. She was such a blessing to us! We have been up to st. george and the cedar city a few times for lots of things! One of which was my sister in law's baby shower. In which kaulana and i were introduced to capriotti's! ooooh yum! talk about an amazing sub place! if you are ever in the st. george area make sure and stop by! we have also enjoyed lots of family here in flagstaff and have had just such a wonderful summer! here are a few updates on kalamaku! kalamaku's favorite way to sleep is to be swaddled then to have an extra blanket tucking him in like a little burrito! it is basically the only way he'll stop flapping his arms and making them go crazy!!! he is starting to take much better naps now that he is relaxing!! woo hoo!!
Well the big news of the month, WE ARE MOVING TO HAWAII! Yikes! Kaulana will be the assistant coach at BYU Hawaii along side his dad for the girls basketball team. He is sooooo sooo soooo excited, and that is very much an understatement. I will be going back to school, which is very good but I sure don't know how i'm going to leave my sweet little guy! Daddy is going to be the favorite now! Jealous haha. We are sure blessed and it will be a very good experience for our sweet little family. I sure don't know how I'm going to leave this place I have called home for so long. On sunday i happened to let myself think of it and it hit me just as i was bearing my testimony in sacrament meeting, talk about a ball baby! I just try not to think about the leaving and try to think about the being near Kaulana's family. The day after we decided to head out there, I decided kala needed to get ready for the change so he got to wear his surfer outfit and i just went and bought his first official swimsuit!

our trip to St. George to throw Dallen her bridal shower! Clay (my brother) was sure jealous kala was hitting on "his girl" haha. love you clay.
Among the many mixed emotions I am feeling right now because of everything that is going on and changing in our lives, I am so grateful for the way kalamaku just makes my heart smile. It reminds me of how no matter what it will all be ok because I feel of the sweet spirit that he has. I just love being a mom and am loving every smile, sound and all the fun faces and sounds he makes when he's talking to me.

Well I know I'm a bit late because kalamaku is almost three months old but here are his two month stats
Weight: 11 lbs 14 oz (50th percentile)
Height: 24 in long (75th percentile!)
we are super stoked we don't have a shrimper on our hands haha and just can't beleive how fast he is growing!!! He loves to talk, kick, stand, smile, he has found his tongue and thinks it's so funny when i stick my tongue out, he gets the biggest eyes when he's really intrigued and he is just the sweetest, best baby i could have ever hoped for!