[the beginning of our eternity]


So about a month ago we started potty training with this cute boy! Everyone seems to ask... WHY NOW? Well, one I felt all I was doing all day was changing diapers between the two boys and, two, he would tell me every time before he went number two, that he needed to, then as I would ask if he would like to use the toilet his reply was always, "no, diaper"... So mommy said, " no, toilet". And the adventure began.
I tried potty training him a few months before Benson's arrival but he found it much too stressful and I think a little too much pressure. So as I started this time, we loaded up with hot wheels for every time he went number two, and lots of fun stickers for every time he went pee. I decided this time around to leave it up to him and just let him go naked. That way, no stress, and no pressure on Mr. Kala. Honestly he took to it so quickly. I figured he would want the comfort of a diaper for nap time (and i didnt want to clean up a huge mess..haha)...well i asked him and he said " NO, NO DIAPER!" Well yes sir. And he woke up dry! Woo hoo! Well bed time rolled around and i thought for sure he would want a diaper... And i got the same response. "NO, NO DIAPER!" Needless to say, he woke up dry, and i was awake all night convinced he would wake up sobbing because he wet the bed. He sure likes to prove me wrong. Stubborn boy! So, Zero accidents the first couple days so we added underwear into the equation. The first two mornings while he was playing he had a single accident, but then after that he did great! Next it was time for some out tings. And once again ZERO accidents! Woo! Kala potty trained himself. Every once in a while Kala will have just a day where he has several accidents in a row, but for the most part he is completely potty trained. Such a big boy... Makes kind of sad. But oh how cute his little booty is in that underwear!

Add do you like that booty shot? I do! He came out from the potty one day looking like this. Kill me now! I love that.