[the beginning of our eternity]

My Journey

Well as many of you know last November I found out I have celiacs disease, meaning I have to be gluten free. But I also discovered it's not just about gluten, it's about having an overall balance and that I really needed to cut back on my sugar intake because it is really hard to digest. And if you really know me, I LOVE SWEETS of all shapes and sizes! When I was pregnant, my allergy was pretty severe. I could tell with the slighest amount of gluten, too much dairy, and just the smallest amount of sweets really made me sick! Well hallelujah after I had sweet Benson I realized I was sooo much less severe and I really started caving to my sweets addiction. It's been like Satan creepin on me and I had no idea just how sick I was making myself by having a handful (ok ok fistfulls!) of candy everyday. I realized I was just getting so frustrated with Kala every day. My patience was as thick as a strand of hair. I kept thinking it was Kala and I pushed away the thought of sugar being the cause, just because it tastes sooo good and I wasn't feeling physically sick...yet. Well this past week I got really sick. I was just absolutely miserable. I was so emotional. and my body was just breaking down. I went to bed miserable that night, just realizing how silly I had been. Just because I can't feel immediate affects, doesn't mean that it isn't making me sick. So now i've cut back on my sugar, started eating balanced again, and I am actually starting to think clearly again. I am starting to feel like my normal self again. Kala and I have had so many fun days since. It wasn't him... It was me. On our first good day again, we played all morning without any tears, we ate lunch without any tears, and Kala actually asked me to sing him songs before he went down for his nap. It's been a week or so since he's wanted me to sing to him. And as I lie next to him singing he rolled over to face me and placed his hand on my cheek.  Tears rolled down my cheek. It just breaks my heart that I was denying how much I was letting down my family. I am sick. I need to take care of my body, if not for myself, then at least for my family. He was the same Kala, just with a little patience from mommy as I was able to give him the redirection that he needed as he was JUST BEING TWO! Here's to health!

Just a few pictures! Kala was sitting on the counter helping Kaulana and I make breakfast last saturday and he found the BANANAS! haha. He decided to dig right in, he opened the banana from the middle and just dug right in. Needless to say he ate the entire thing! Poor kid was hungry and I hadn't given him breakfast yet! way to take charge buddy!

Yard Work

With all the rain that we got a few weekends ago, we got  A LOT of weeds at our new house. Kaulana borrowed a ho from a friend. Kala LOVES to work with daddy. Whether he's using tools, which he refers to that he has to "fitz fitz" or in english, fix fix, or fix it, or just being with daddy, he is in HEAVEN. Kala just thinks the world of his daddy and honestly wants to be just like him. He immitates almost everything Kaulana does it's hilarious. I wouldn't have it any other way, I am so glad my husband is such a good role model for our sweet boys! Blessed! Here's a little documentation!
What a cheese ball, I caught the goofiest eyes!

he is so expressive in his eye brows, it kills me!

The Grandma Effect

I have been so blessed with the best mom in the entire world. She came down the friday night we were moving to help with the kids. But since we had already moved she also helped me unpack. I honestly could not have unpacked half as fast if she wouldn't have come. We even had my friends little girl Evelyn for most of the weekend while her momma was having her baby. and we STILL rocked the socks off the house. She could pick up exactly where I was as soon as I would have to stop to feed sweet Benson. And Kala just worships her. He plays hard to get on the phone, but as soon as she gets here he is all smiles and giggles. He just can't get enough of her. She was actually here again this last weekend and she left during his nap. When he woke up he went to the garage and saw that her car was no longer outside and he exclaimed "OH NO, RAMA!" and started bawling because she wasn't here. Poor kid! it was so sweet, and sad at the same time! I am just so grateful for all the help she has given me, and for the AMAZING grandma she is. My kids just adore her. Thanks mama!

Just some pictures of Evelyn and Kala at Red Robin while she was here. Kala ate his whole half of hamburger without any prompting. And he was SOOOO well behaved. It was like he wasn't two anymore. Needless to say it was only for that one dinner but... like I've named the post... THE GRANDMA EFFECT!

They were SOOOO happy to get balloons. Cute cute kids!

Tired Boy

We moved into a house last weekend. All the new space is HEAVENLY! We absolutely feel so blessed! We are so excited to be in a bigger place and still be able to be in our same ward! Double win. We had so much help moving our things on thursday night, and my sweet friend Melissa watched Kala. Then we got our apartment cleaned friday morning, thanks to the help of a few sweet sisters in our ward. We were just so blessed, we didn't plan on moving until friday and saturday, but needed to walk through with the apartment management on friday so we rushed things forward. Thankfully we did because it rained almost all day on Friday. I mean, POURED! So thankful for the challenges that actually end up being a blessing! Kala was EXHAUSTED after we cleaned friday morning. We went to grab some food before we headed home and he actually fell asleep in the middle of eating. Hence the hand in the bag of granola. When he woke up he ate the granola he had gone in for. And chewed half asleep. It was hilarious. So fun when I'm actually able to capture these moments.

A few things Kala

This sweet boy is getting so big. Especially since having Benson at home with us, I realize just HOW BIG Kala really is. It's going much too fast. He says the funniest things. 
1. He refers to movies as "fooies". They used to be "fufu's" so I guess we are progressing in the right direction. He is completely able to say the word movie but when asking to watch one, he will ALWAYS say a "fooie". I have NO idea where it came from.
2. The other day we were driving home from picking Kaulana up from school. I had a moment of excitement and I said, "Kala guess what, daddy is going to be a Physical Therapist!" and Kala says: "Daddy's a pist, daddy's a pist...." moments later "daddy...pause... pist.... pause" and we ALL start busting up laughing. Kala had no idea what he was saying but Kaulana and I sure did. 
3. So, I am trying to teach my boy manners. When I give him something, if he doesn't say thank you, I try to remind him to by saying "Now, what do you say?" So he finds a dvd, he decides to bring it to me and set it on my knee while I was feeding Benson and he proceeds to say "Now wha' you say?... pause.. dant tou!" and he nods his head at my like I'm so right aren't I mom. I must say, he is very good with his eye brow expressions! Bahaha

Kaulana found Kala in Benson's chair a few weeks ago when he walked into the living room. He was reading Stand a Little Taller upside down. Completely content as if he was really reading it. He sure thought he was cute.

Kala also loves Benson's carseat. He thinks it's hilarious when he sits in it and he LOVES to buckle the buckles. Sometimes I forget and I have to pull Benson back out and unbuckle the buckles before I set him back in to buckle and go! His smile still melts my heart EVERY TIME. even when he is being a little devious. I love it. 

He also has a new obsession with this flash light. When we visited my mom and step dad in flagstaff my mom bought him a dollar flash light. Well one night he heard us still up so he thought he would try to get our attention and that if he did this would convince us to let him stay up. I love this boy.


this photo cracks me up. Benson always has the most serious, inquisitive faces.
I would deem today an absolute success.

1. Today was Benson's first day at church. What a stud he is! It kills me! I can't believe he is already 6 weeks old as of today! and a MONSTER! My goodness, carrying his carseat feels like carrying a ton of bricks! My friends baby is a week old and I swear Benson could probably swallow him up! He's just huge.
2. Kala helped make dinner, treats, and do the dishes... Without making a complete disaster! That in itself deems a gold medal in itself! I love that he always tries to be such a good helper.
3. We went on a family walk and took some friends a treat! Rice crispies with peanut butter m&m's! Yum!
4. Dinner turned out SOOOO good. We have fajita's/tacos. It was delicious. I love when I am looking forward to a meal, and then it tops all my expectations. To say the least, dinner was a hit all around.
I used this recipe for my chicken marinade. It is to die for!
5. Kala listened to all of scriptures without having a melt down tonight. Which has RARELY happened since we have been in the new house. With all the changes we have had as of late, moving was the last straw, and he has had a hard time adjusting. I think not having as much mommy and daddy time is starting to take it's toll. (this weeks goal. no unpacking. all about taking care of my three boys.)
6. Benson is now fast asleep, and the kitchen is already clean!

Amen to a wonderful day. Filled with family, friends, food, and a wonderful spirit at church! I am so grateful for the sabbath so we can reconnect as a family on so many levels!  

My Little Grunter

So Benson is a grunter. For AT LEAST a half hour before he wakes up from a nap, he GRUNTS, and sighs and ... noise, lots of noise. He does not like a gassy tummy, and he thinks he needs to grunt to relieve the gas. My goodness he cracks me up. He is still sleeping in our room, and I have just come to laugh in the middle of the night. Oh Benson. When we have had visitors and he has been in his bouncy chair sleeping, he'll start to grunt and people will look at him. then look at me. like, "uh, are you going to get him." then I proceed to tell them, "yes, he is actually still sleeping. He just grunts." Then he'll stop for a bit and they'll just start laughing. Yes I have a grunter. Oh how I love this little boy.

Well since he will be four weeks tomorrow this is more just for my memory sake, at his two week appointment he was 21 and a half inches long and weighed 8 lbs 6 ounces. So he had already gained a pound and a half since his three day appointment and grown a half of an inch. The doctor was very happy to say the least and said that he should definitely start sleeping five to six hours at night because he is eating so well and gaining weight so well. Well last night he slept 6 hours for the first time. Now if I would have only gone to bed to get a full six hours, that would have been bliss. He is growing too fast. He seems monstrous to me already. More Benson, he LOVES to be warm and HATES to be cold. He also STILL loves to be bounced, cuddled... basically anything with being held. He will almost always fall asleep as soon as you start holding him. and he will almost always wake up as soon as you put him down. Oh the life of a newborn. Benson definitely runs the show around here.

First day of the Next three Years

Kaulana on his first day of Physical Therapy School at AT Still. So excited for this new adventure. He has studied more in the past week than ever before but his spirits are high and he is loving this new journey. Congratulations my sweet.

a family date

First off, this was just hilarious. When we tell Kala thumbs up, this is what he does. bahaha I love him. I. Love. This. Life.

 We decided that before Kaulana officially started school we would have one last, stress free, family date! It was absolute bliss. No timetable, no worries. It was so much fun. We went to freestone park in the Mesa/Gilbert area where we fed the ducks and played some football and soccer. Kala was in heaven. Definitely needs to be a repeat date if I say so myself!

And this is what Benson did the entire time. He loves the Arizona heat. 

This is Kala CHUCKING the bread as far as he possibly can.

Kala loves him some daddy time.

This is Kala chasing the ducks after all the bread was gone.

This was Kala chasing the birds once the ducks were gone.

And then he just keeps on running. I. Love. Having. Boys.

tried so hard to have him hold still long enough to grab a pic...  and then I caught goofy eyes... haha 

After the park we headed to Bahama Bucks for a strawberry daiquiri (with extra cream) cool down. Yum.  A family favorite.

Kala couldn't help himself, he had to take HUGE bites every time.  Yet, EVERY time he would say just how cold it was. Oh to be two.

I love family date night. I love them. I love my family. I love this life.