[the beginning of our eternity]

Our little boy, seems not so little anymore...

My little man just seems, not so little anymore. As we are preparing for our new little man to make his arrival, I just can't get enough of ... all of this

a new love of sand

an all time love of watermelon

morning breakfast cereal with dad 

an evergrowing love for his best friend Evelyn
He has become sooo independent and strong willed. But he still has his oh so sweet love and smile that I just can't get enough of. He wakes up each morning so thrilled each morning as he knows he'll get an hour or two with his daddy, waking up saying BALL BALL as if begging to play with dad. He also has a new love for Trucks. He can't quite make the ck sound so he calls trucks, cars, motorcycles... trUH. For example we were at Fry's the other day, he insisted on getting one of the carts that has the car for the kids to ride in, in the front. He happened to get out of the cart and I asked him to get back in the car... he yelled at me and all he said was TRUH, TRUH!!! haha, point taken, "it's a truck mom". I love this sweet boy and all his new and evolving quirks.

an allergic reaction

Well Kaulana says it's an allergic reaction, Kala thinks it's a drum, I know it's a BABY! We are excited to finally announce that we are having a new little addition to our family come August 11!
(I am 19 weeks 2 days in this picture)
Announcement 2, IT'S A BOY! We are soo thrilled to be having another boy. Kala keeps trying to wrestle his little girl friend Evelyn. She just looks at him like he's crazy. He needs another boy to get some of his testosterone out.
We had our ultrasound this past week and our little guy is quite the show off! When he first revealed his gender he put his hand out like he was giving us a high five, then we were talking about how we were excited for him and Kala to be able to play sports and he clasped his hands together which looked like he was saying "ya i'm going to be rookie of the year!", then a few minutes later we saw his hands again and he had his hands together like he was praying, we went down to his knees and they were kneeling, so we were joking he was praying and all of a sudden he shoots his legs straight then crosses them at the ankles. It was hilarious. He was playing to our every word. He was sure a show off. My goodness this kid is going to be a hand full. With the sweet... extremely active boy kala is I would expect nothing less! So I guess i'll start my own little weekly journal of updates!

how far along?: 19 weeks 2 days
total weight gain: No idea i have a dr's appt on tuesday!
maternity clothes: yes, kind of, mainly for comfort, but more the inbetween awkward stage where the maternity clothes makes you look totally fat but by other clothes are a big too snug. So skirts and summer dresses it is! I swear my stomach is growing exponentially faster than it did with kala
best moment of the week: finding out we are having a BOY and seeing the fun playful guy he is!
movement: every so often. he was very active the day before and the day of the ultra sound
food cravings: today, chocolate which is so weird because I have not been too fond of sweets
labor signs: none, but lots of round ligament pain
belly button in or out: half of it is out and the bottom half is in, it's hilarious just trying to start peaking itself out there
what I am looking forward to: two boys wrestling in my living room and watching them play sports side by side
milestones: for one, i'm just about half way if I were to deliver at 39 weeks just like i did kala! as well as finding out the gender, so awesome!
realization of the week: when I have not one but TWO boys, it's not just one boy always running back and forth back and forth, non-stop, it will be TWO. Talk about a crazy house! haha