[the beginning of our eternity]
so my niece taryn is the dang cutest thing in the entire world! i just love her to pieces. At my brothers AZ homecoming party he was making her dance and it was HILARIOUS!! But the most precious thing was over conference weekened my sister and her little family came up to watch conference at my mom's house along with kaulana and i. During Holland's talk (which by the way Holland is ALWAYS my favorite, it's like the way he's speaking is just so strong and sure. it's amazing!) she went up and kept pointing to him on the tv when he was sutaining just how true the book of mormon is. It was just like she was confirming to me that what he was saying was true and we need to remember that. She's still just a little closer to heaven not being able to fully talk and so it was just a sweet moment that i thought i'd share!