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It Aint No Thang

I'm not going to lie, this week has been rough.
Really rough.
This is Kaulana's week off between quarters.
We had so many fun things planned.
But of course, LIFE HAPPENS.
Kaulana and Benson both got sick.
I'm tired of having everyone sick, just for the record. I think we've had enough. FYI.
Kaulana has just been down. Benson has been a cranky, disaster to say the least.
He's been up three times a night for the past four nights.
Benson doesn't like when he feels off. So this past little bit has been a nightmare for him.
My house is even more of a mess. Not getting super clean like I was expecting. I thought i would have more time, not less.
The other day I got my first ticket EVER.
Then our check engine light went on yesterday.

Some days are just rough.

Maybe not so rough, But just one big downer.

Maybe just not so stellar?

Luckily tomorrow is a new day.

So I've decided, I need to start counting my blessings. So maybe I can see the sun shining a little bit brighter.

  •  I have two beautiful boys that I love more than life. Really just a beautiful, beautiful family.

  •  Kaulana is in PT school. It was so hard to get here and we actually made it.

  • My washer and dryer works. I got clean clothes today.

  • I went to the grocery store before the sickness set it. YAY FOR TONS OF SNACKS.

  • All the downers of my day... are only temporary! 

Lastly, It aint no thang. I need to remember that a little more. Because then I get to have those little moments when Kala asks me to hold him/snuggle him while he's falling asleep (usually I only get to hold an appendage like a hand or a foot, if that :) ) and every other worry and stress just seems to disappear.

Kala and I going solo to church on Sunday. Love this little man.


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I LOVE the pic of you and Kala!!!

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